Photo: Early morning at Candi Dasa.

Things to see and do

Tenganan Bali Aga villages

Tenganan Pegringsingan and the less well known Tenganan Dauh Tukad villages near Candi Dasa are the homes of Bali Aga, the indigenous Balinese. Largely separated socially and economically from the rest of Bali, they have fascinating ancient beliefs, interesting architecture and produce unique crafts. If you have a passing interest in any of these, either Tenganan is worth ... Read more about Tenganan Bali Aga villages .

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The picturesque hills and villages surrounding Candi Dasa offer a range of short or longer treks for when you have that, “I just want to get off my lazy…” kind of mood and they can make for an ideal diversion away from just gazing out over the ... Read more about Trekking .

Virgin Beach
7km east of Candi Dasa

Virgin Beach, White Sand Beach, Pantai Pasir Putih, and Bias Putih are all names for the same lovely stretch of white(ish) sand within easy reach from Candi Dasa, itself having no real beach to speak of. We are calling it Virgin Beach, as that’s what’s on the brand-spanking-new official sign erected when we visited in early 2016 — it saves confusion, as there’s at least one Pantai Pasir ... Read more about Virgin Beach .

Snorkelling and diving

While the currents can be very strong and the water relatively cold for Bali, Candi Dasa offers a selection of snorkel and dive sites, with a plethora of dive operators and boatmen willing to take you to the hot ... Read more about Snorkelling and diving .

Candi Dasa view point

From the road the trail appears to lead off towards the coast up a small hill, but you’re better off to take the stubby trail that runs off to the right which goes around this small hill and then rejoins and goes up the main slope. It will take you about 45 minutes to get to the summit with some of the climb on chunky stone stairs, other bits along a more gradual dirt trail. You’ll pass some ... Read more about Candi Dasa view point .

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