Photo: Offerings at Tirta Empul, Ubud.

Things to see and do

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Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets
Six kilometres southwest of Ubud, Jalan Tegal Bingin, Mas
T: (0361) 898 7493

In Bali, it’s believed when masks are worn, dancers embody the spirits of the Gods and Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets aims to preserve and showcase its extensive collection from Bali, other parts of the Indonesian archipelago and the world. This excellent private museum is one of our favourites, and arguably the best museum in Bali with the added bonus that it’s free to enter ... Read more about Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets .

Neka Art Museum
Jalan Raya Campuhan, Ubud
T: (0361) 975 074

Neka Art Museum offers Ubud’s finest collection of Balinese art curated to provide an overview of the development of the different schools and influences, including the works of foreign artists who have made Bali their home. ... Read more about Neka Art Museum .

Museum Puri Lukisan
Jalan Raya Ubud, Ubud
T: (0361) 971 159

Museum Puri Lukisan or “Palace of Paintings” offers an excellent collection of Balinese art spanning the development of the various artistic styles in Bali, only slightly eclipsed by the collection at Neka Art Museum. ... Read more about Museum Puri Lukisan .

Threads of Life
24 Jalan Kajeng, Ubud
T: (0361) 972 112

Textile enthusiasts rejoice: Threads of Life is a tiny gallery and shop that commissions heirloom-quality textiles and baskets from weavers across ... Read more about Threads of Life .

Blanco Renaissance Museum
Jalan Raya Campuhan, Ubud
T: (0361) 975 502

What do E.T, Michael Jackson and naked women have in common? If you visit Blanco Renaissance Museum you will find out, or maybe you’ll still be puzzled. ... Read more about Blanco Renaissance Museum .

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)
Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud
T: (0361) 976 659

With a passion for art and culture, local entrepreneur and philanthropist, Agung Rai established ARMA in 1996. The museum is but one branch of an empire that includes restaurants, a resort and commercial gallery: a true rags to riches story as he started life as an uneducated farm boy working as a street pedlar in Kuta. ... Read more about Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) .

Museum Rudana
44 Jalan Cok Rai Pundak, Peliatan
T: (0361) 975 779

Ubud has its fair share of art collectors and philanthropists and we’re not sure if they’re trying to outdo each other, but whatever their drive, it makes for some excellent gallery hopping opportunities for art lovers, and Museum Rudana is no ... Read more about Museum Rudana .

Museum Gedong Arca
Six kilometres east of Ubud, Jalan Raya Tampasksiring, Bedulu
T: (0361) 942 347

The region east of Ubud comprising the villages of Bedulu, Pejeng and Tampaksiring is one of the most archaeologically significant locales in Bali. Offering an overview of this ancient history is a small archaeology museum, the Museum Gedong Arca, in the village of ... Read more about Museum Gedong Arca .

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Pura Taman Saraswati
Jalan Raya Ubud

The picturesque lotus-filled pond is the main drawcard for tourists at Pura Taman Saraswati, a stone’s throw back from Ubud’s main road, and it does indeed make a pretty backdrop for a selfie, but it’s worth getting a little closer to admire the impressive paduraksa entrance gate. ... Read more about Pura Taman Saraswati .

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Day trips

Tirta Taman Mumbul Sangeh
Around 15 kilometres northwest of Ubud

The water temple, lake, bathing pools and surrounds at picturesque Tirta Taman Mumbul Sangeh is an idyllic and serene spot to take a break and maybe partake in a ritual water cleanse. ... Read more about Tirta Taman Mumbul Sangeh .

Gunung Kawi
14 kilometres north of Ubud

Carved into the steep sheer rock face of the lush Pakrisan River valley, about 14 kilometres north of Ubud, monumental Gunung Kawi is one of Bali’s oldest and most enigmatic antiquities. ... Read more about Gunung Kawi .

Goa Gajah
Five kilometres southeast of Ubud

Goa Gajah or “Elephant Cave” may be cave-like, but there are no pachyderms here, nor were there ever any in Bali (the ones at the elephant parks come from Sumatra). ... Read more about Goa Gajah .

Tirta Empul
15 kilometres north of Ubud

If you’re Balinese and it’s your birthday, chances are you’ll be heading to Tirta Empul Holy Springs for a ritual purification. The baths here are Bali’s oldest and most sacred, and pilgrims flock from all over Bali for the magical curative and spiritually cleansing ... Read more about Tirta Empul .

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang
14.5 kilometres south of Ubud, 15 kilometres north of Sanur
T: (0821) 4675 0908

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang may be hidden, but it’s definitely no secret. This rugged and deep rocky gorge along a section of the Oos River between Ubud and Sanur makes for an adventurous two to three hour ... Read more about Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang .

Mountain biking in Bali

Make sure you have good brakes. Like life, it's mostly downhill. So said John (Jack) Daniels of Bali Discovery when I tweeted to say I'd be off to mountain bike from Kintamani to Ubud in Bali. And it's true, save a single near vertical 100 metres or so, the ride was almost all downhill—and you know what, that was ... Read more about Mountain biking in Bali .

Petulu Heron Colony

If you were freaked out by Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds, you may prefer to give a visit to the village of Petulu a miss as every afternoon thousands of herons and egrets (locally collectively kokokan) descend to roost in the trees that line a 400 metre stretch of road through the village. To add to the spook factor, the birds are believed to be the souls of the ... Read more about Petulu Heron Colony .

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
9 kilometres north of Ubud

Bali is synonymous with its postcard-perfect paddy fields (until they turn into villas), and the most iconic of them all are the terraces at Tegallalang, nine kilometres north of central Ubud. ... Read more about Tegallalang Rice Terraces .

Sangeh Monkey Forest
15 kilometres northwest of Ubud, Jalan Raya Sangeh, Abiansemal
T: (0851) 0042 2740

When Hanuman, the monkey king of the Ramayana, attempted to lift Mount Meru to quash the evil giant, Rahwana, a clump of the cosmic mountain landed in Sangeh complete with a troupe of holy simians. Entering the shaded avenue of soaring “Pala” trees at Sangeh Monkey Forest, this is an easy tale to believe, and besides, the cool, dark forest certainly oozes a mystical ... Read more about Sangeh Monkey Forest .

Bali Bird Park
Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu, Batubulan
T: (0361) 299 352

Bali Bird Park is a great half-day trip with kids, though as for the zoo, best to get in as early as possible to beat both the heat and the crowds. Check the timetable for various activities as soon as you arrive and plan around that — make sure you see the bird show as this is a definite highlight, with trained birds swooping and screeching on demand. Some 250 species of birds are kept ... Read more about Bali Bird Park .

Gunung Kawi Sebatu
14 km north of Ubud

In an island with thousands of temples swarming with tour buses, for the casual visitor it’s easy to overdo it and feel “templed out”. Gunung Kawi Sebatu, a small-scale but splendid holy-spring temple, 14 kilometres north of Ubud, is not only delightfully peaceful, you’re likely to be uninterrupted by the multitudes. ... Read more about Gunung Kawi Sebatu .

Ubud bird walk
Meet outside Murni's, Ubud.
T: (0361) 975 009

Su stands before me, hand far too close for my comfort to a four-inch St Andrew’s Cross Spider. “Here in Bali, we don’t have dangerous animals—just dangerous traffic” she quips. And so we begin our four-hour birdwatching ramble through the paddy enveloping Bali’s cultural heart of ... Read more about Ubud bird walk .

Yeh Pulu
Six kilometres east of Ubud

Tucked away on the edge of verdant paddy fields of Bedulu village near Ubud, Yeh Pulu is a relief carved stone cliff face dating from the 14th or 15th century. ... Read more about Yeh Pulu .

The Moon of Pejeng
Around 6 km west of Ubud

The Moon of Pejeng is a colossal bronze kettledrum believed to be the largest bronze-age antiquity in the world, housed high in a pavilion at the rear of Pura Penataran Sasih about six kilometres west of Ubud. ... Read more about The Moon of Pejeng .

Kemenuh Butterfly Park
9 kilometres south of Ubud, Jalan Raya Kemenuh, Sukawati
T: (0361) 479 1681

We were dubious about visiting Kemenuh Butterfly Park as we’d visited a couple of butterfly farms in the past and had been disappointed. Happily, this was an exception and is a delightful and well run attraction with enthusiastic staff and lots of pretty butterflies. ... Read more about Kemenuh Butterfly Park .

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Tegenungan Waterfall
10 kilometres south of Ubud

Steamy weather getting to you? Tegenungan Waterfall offers the perfect place to cool off and is the closest waterfall to (beach deprived) Ubud. ... Read more about Tegenungan Waterfall .

Tibumana Waterfall
15 kilometres east of Ubud

Tucked away in the village of Apuan, 15 kilometres east of Ubud, Tibumana Waterfall plunges into the Bangunlemah River. ... Read more about Tibumana Waterfall .

Goa Rang Reng
12.5 kilometres east of Ubud

East of Ubud, near Gianyar, a handful of attractive waterfalls punctuate the rivers, the most delightful being at at Goa Rang Reng near the small village of Gitgit. ... Read more about Goa Rang Reng .

Kanto Lampo Waterfall
12 kilometres east of Ubud

Beng village, 12 kilometres east of Ubud is home to Kanto Lampo Waterfall, well we believe it is but there wasn’t any water flowing over the falls at the time of our visit. ... Read more about Kanto Lampo Waterfall .

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General activities

Ubud Monkey Forest
Monkey Forest Road
T: (0361) 971 304

The Monkey Forest is a highlight for many first-time visitors to Ubud, but personally, with a strong fear of monkeys, we much prefer the towering forest here to the rampaging ... Read more about Ubud Monkey Forest .

Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung)
Intersection of Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Raya Ubud

At the heart of Ubud, Puri Saren Agung, more popularly known as Ubud Palace, may not dominate the streetscape, but it certainly has a commanding presence within the community of Ubud. ... Read more about Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung) .

Dance and Drama in Ubud

Traditionally the true intended audiences for cultural performances in Bali are celestial, an offering to the Gods and ancestral spirits, usually performed as part of a temple ceremony. However that doesn’t exclude more terrestrial beings from enjoying a show, and in Ubud you have the opportunity almost every night of the year (bar one, Nyepi, the silent day). ... Read more about Dance and Drama in Ubud .

Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre
Across the football field from Jalan Monkey Forest. Entry via the laneway off Jalan Dewi Sita
T: (0361) 976 194

Ubud is lauded as Bali’s cultural centre to the point of cliché, but what’s culture without books? This was the thought of expat Laurie Billington (1958-2009) when she and her Balinese husband Made Sumendra set up Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre in 1995. ... Read more about Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre .

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Hiking, walking tours and itineraries

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The popular walk along the narrow spine between the eastern and western branches of Ubud’s Wos Rivers, known as Campuhan Ridge is an easily accessible opportunity not only to stretch your legs and get away from the traffic-clogged streets, it offers stunning vistas and a glimpse of village life. ... Read more about Campuhan Ridge Walk .

Ubud in a day, the lazy way

This isn’t a piece about seeing all the sights around Ubud at a cracking pace, but rather about suggesting some tips on doing what one can really do best in Ubud: chill out, eat, relax, eat, take it easy, eat, hang out… eat — you get the ... Read more about Ubud in a day, the lazy way .

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Ubud shopping guide

Ubud can seem a little intimidating when you're expecting a small village nestled into the hills, but instead find a traffic-snarled sprawl packed with endless homestays, hotels, restaurants, spas and shops selling the same mass-produced rubbish. You'll have to look elsewhere to find a good place to stay in Ubud, but if you'd like to do a spot of shopping, eating and relaxing on foot, one of the ... Read more about Ubud shopping guide .

Ubud market
Jalan Raya Ubud

The savvy traveller knows that to sample a taste of local life, head to the markets, and Ubud Market offers a great big mixed dollop of tradition and commerce in two flavours: regular local market early morning and tourist “art” market by day. It previously had multi personalities with a night market as well, but local restaurants were too much competition. ... Read more about Ubud market .

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Massages and spas

Cheapie spas in Ubud

All this hard travelling got you down? No better way to recharge those batteries than by indulging in an hour (or two) os massage. You deserve a break ... Read more about Cheapie spas in Ubud .

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Yoga in Ubud

When you say Ubud, some people may think “Yoga!” — or, even, “Hippies!” — yet the offerings may not be quite as extensive as the tourist-town’s reputation would have you expect. ... Read more about Yoga in Ubud .

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Cooking classes

Cooking schools

The earthy smell of fresh turmeric, the tang of tamarind, the brightness of lemongrass and limes, and of course the bite of fiery chilli: just a few of the pungent beginnings of a “base gede”, the basic spice mix and building block for most Balinese recipes. ... Read more about Cooking schools .

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Festivals and events

How to make the most of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most popular literary events. The festival is usually held in October, and in 2015 it kicks off October 28 and runs till November 1. Here are our suggestions for getting the most out of the festival, which can be a very intense, fast moving four days and nights of panels, events and ... Read more about How to make the most of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival .

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