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Things to see and do

Kepa Island

Just off the southwest tip of Alor, Kepa Island is home to the lovely La P’tite Kepa, but it can also be visited on an easy day trip from Kalabahi should you not want to stay in the resort (or they’re ... Read more about Kepa Island .

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Riding around northwest Alor

If you’ve got a loose day to spend exploring some of Alor and are looking for a mix of attractions and distractions, motorbiking around the northwest “head” of the island makes for a fine and very full day out in the ... Read more about Riding around northwest Alor .

Takpala village
13km east of Kalabahi

This is the most easily accessible of the “traditional villages” around Kalabahi, and for those with time on their hands, it is worth a ... Read more about Takpala village .

Biantal waterfall

Four hours into a two-hour bike ride, as our guide literally hacked a trail through the jungle with a machete, we thought, “What the hell are we doing here?” Five minutes later we passed a rise, saw Biantal Waterfall and realised that we were here for a very good ... Read more about Biantal waterfall .

Museum 1000 Moko
Jl Diponegoro, Kalabahi
T: (0386) 222 2652

The excellent Museum 1000 Moko is well worth visiting, especially if you’re planning on visiting any of Alor’s traditional villages. Named 1000 Moko, according to the brochure, in reference to the diverse cultural experiences of Alor and its people, the museum has an impressive collection that you could easily spend an hour exploring. We were lucky enough to have one of the attendants walk ... Read more about Museum 1000 Moko .

Tuti Hot Springs
35km east of Kalabahi

Tuti Hot Springs is a collection of thermal springs roughly an hour from Kalabahi, a little past the village of Bukapiling. To be frank, we’re not convinced they’re worth the effort it takes to get to ... Read more about Tuti Hot Springs .

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Where to next?

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