Photo: Late light at Lewoleba harbour.

Things to see and do

Riding the west coast of Lembata

The far western tip of Lembata is graced with a set of excellent beaches offering white sands, crystal waters and tremendous views across to Gunung Ile Boleng on Adonara. It makes for an excellent full-day excursion from ... Read more about Riding the west coast of Lembata .

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Climbing Ile Api

Officially called Gunung Lewotolo, despite being only the third tallest peak on the island, impressive Ile Api (mountain of fire) dominates the landscape and geography of ... Read more about Climbing Ile Api .

The whaling village of Lamalera

A “traditional” whaling village on the south coast of Lembata, Lamalerans are whaling today largely as they have for centuries and are resisting suggestions and government prodding to change their ways. Travellers may find a visit to Lamalera fascinating, confronting or a bit of ... Read more about The whaling village of Lamalera .

The Bajo village

Lewoleba town has no notable spots of interest in itself, but its setting on the south coastline of Lewoleba Bay is more than spectacular ... Read more about The Bajo village .

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