Photo: Traditional fishing boats at Jepara port.

Things to see and do

Museum RA Kartini
1 Jalan Alun-alun, Jepara

Jepara’s Museum RA Kartini celebrates the life and work of Raden Adjeng Kartini (1879–1904), hailed as a national hero in Indonesia and regarded as the country’s first feminist—she was a pioneer for women’s education at the turn of the twentieth century. ... Read more about Museum RA Kartini .

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Menara Mosque (Al-Manar Mosque)
42 kilometres southeast of Jepara

The northern part of Central Java is known at the cradle of Javanese Islam, Jepara, Kudus and Demak were powerful and prominent centres in the 15th and 16th centuries and it is said that nine Islamic saints, known as the wali songo, spread the new faith from theses parts. ... Read more about Menara Mosque (Al-Manar Mosque) .

Museum Kretek Kudus
155 Jalan Getas Pejaten, Kudus, 42 kilometres southeast of Jepara
T: (0291) 440 545

Permeating the air in Indonesia, you may have caught the whiff of a sweet spicy aroma proceeded by a crackling sound, the hallmarks of the onomatopoetic named kretek, clove cigarettes, ubiquitously smoked all over the country. ... Read more about Museum Kretek Kudus .

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