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Things to see and do

Rangga Warsita
Jalan Abdulrahman Saleh No.1, Semarang
T: (024) 760 2389

Of particular value are the exhibits documenting the Indonesian battle for independence which saw the Dutch withdraw and Indonesia successfully claim independence. Of course these exhibits and dioramas are highly patriotic and paint a glorified picture of what took place, but are interesting nonetheless. Other exhibits related to previous Javan kingdoms are noteworthy and of some value to ... Read more about Rangga Warsita .

Lawang Sewu
Cnr of Jalan Pemuda and Jalan Pandanaran

Construction commenced in 1904 on the large main building with features such as high ceilings, large windows and many doors – Lawang Sewu meaning thousand doors in Javanese. After the Japanese invasion during the Second World War, the Japanese used these buildings among other things for rape and torture and to this day may local people believe the place is inhabited by unhappy ... Read more about Lawang Sewu .

Old City
Just south of the main train station

It's a small area of town that warrants a walk around, a few photos and perhaps a visit to the old Dutch church built in the 1700s. Sadly most of the buildings in the Old City are rundown, falling down or simply just facades of former glory. Even though the buildings themselves are largely poorly maintained, the area is so densely filled with them that it still evokes a certain colonial charm ... Read more about Old City .

Pasar Ya'ik Baru
Jalan alun alun, Semarang

Upon entering the market, you are immediately transported into a labyrinth of fake designer handbag, clothes and shoe stalls. The prices here are already keen, but with stallholders desperate to do business, bargaining is all but a certainty. Apart from clothes and accessories, there are also a couple of warungs inside should you get hungry. In the scheme of Asian markets, this is a fairly ... Read more about Pasar Ya'ik Baru .

Gang Warung, Semarang

It is one of those places that can look deceptively mundane at first glance, but it quickly reveals itself as a little slice of bustling Semarang intent of making a statement – it's in fact one of the city's highlights especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights when the Semawis night market fires up. Reminiscent of Melaka's Jonker Walk, Gang Warung, the main street of Chinatown has ... Read more about Chinatown .

No pic at the moment -- Sorry!
Cnr Jalan Pandanaran & Jalan Gajah Mada, Semarang

Simpang Lima, or Five-way Intersection, is simply a massive roundabout with a large park in the middle of it. What makes this particular place appealing to visitors, however, are the shops and malls around the outside of it which provide a welcome relief from the midday heat. It's a perfect place when you have a few hours to kill before your onward journey and you are certain to find ... Read more about Simpang Lima .

Semarang port
Jalan Coaster, Semarang

Also at the port you'll occasionally see ships from the Indonesian and other foreign navies which provide a stunning contrast to the run down perahus in the neighbouring docks. But if you do come here, you absolutely should retain the services of an ojek for a number of reasons. Firstly, the road to the port often floods and an ojek will endeavour to navigate the backstreets to minimise time ... Read more about Semarang port .

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