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Things to see and do

Monumen Nasional (Monas)
Central Jakarta–best place to enter is from behind Gambir train station

Indonesia’s National Monument, abbreviated to Monas, (yep that’s Mon-umen Nas-ional) is a symbol of the nation’s struggle for independence. The towering gold flame-topped white marble obelisk extends from a square plinth in the heart of Lapangan Merdeka (Freedom Square), the geographical centre of the city. ... Read more about Monumen Nasional (Monas) .

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Galeri Nasional Indonesia
14 Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur, Jakarta
T: (0213) 483 3954

Galeri Nasional Indonesia—Indonesia’s National Art Museum—offers an excellent overview of the history of modern and contemporary art in Indonesia. Housed in a historic building in central Jakarta, this forms one of the city’s best museums, and it is ... Read more about Galeri Nasional Indonesia .

National Museum
12 Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta Pusat
T: (0213) 868 172

Indonesia’s National Museum is an excellent introduction to this diverse nation with an absorbing collection of fine artefacts that span the archipelago. If you are passing through Jakarta, consider this a must see as it presents an ideal opportunity to gain some context and history to the places and things you may encounter on your Indonesian travels. ... Read more about National Museum .

Museum MACAN
Level MM AKR Tower, 5 Jalan Panjang, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta
T: (0212) 2121 888

Museum MACAN, is an acronym for The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara, Nusantara being the Indonesian word for the archipelago (and macan meaning tiger). ... Read more about Museum MACAN .

3 Jalan Rajawali Selatan Raya, Jakarta
T: (0216) 470 0168

Art:1 is a private museum and art space showcasing a permanent collection and temporary exhibitions comprising works from Indonesian old masters and extending to Indonesian and international modern and contemporary art. ... Read more about Art:1 .

Museum Tekstil Jakarta
2–4 Jalan Aipda KS Tubun, Jakarta
T: (0215) 606 613

Indonesia has rich and varied traditions of textile production, and Jakarta’s Textile Museum is an excellent opportunity to see not only a range of techniques and learn how these skilful works are produced but also to have a go at creating your own batik—textile lovers will be in their ... Read more about Museum Tekstil Jakarta .

Museum Wayang
25 Jalan Pintu Besar Utara, Jakarta
T: (0216) 929 560

The Museum Wayang or Puppet Museum showcases Indonesia’s most iconic form of theatre with an extensive collection of many forms of Indonesian puppets, as well as displays of puppets and dolls from around the world, housed on the site of a former Dutch colonial church in Jakarta’s Fatahillah ... Read more about Museum Wayang .

Istiqlal Mosque
Jalan Katedral, Jakarta

Built as the National Mosque during Indonesia’s post-independence fervour for establishing an identity on the international stage, modernist Istiqlal Mosque is an imposing marble-clad, concrete and steel example of International Style architecture and reputedly the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, able to accommodate 200,000 worshippers. ... Read more about Istiqlal Mosque .

Museum Bank Indonesia
3 Jalan Pintu Besar Utara, Jakarta
T: (0212) 6001 588

Museum Bank Indonesia offers a well–presented and revealing history of Indonesia (with a focus on economics)‚ in a beautifully restored colonial building in Jakarta’s historic Kota Tua (old city), easily the best museum in this ... Read more about Museum Bank Indonesia .

Fine Art and Ceramic Museum
2 Jalan Pos Kota, Jakarta
T: (0216) 907 062

It would be kind to call Jakarta’s Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik) eclectic, but in reality it’s just a confusing ... Read more about Fine Art and Ceramic Museum .

Museum Bahari (Maritime Museum)
1 Jalan Pasar Ikan, Jakarta
T: (0216) 693 406

Indonesia’s maritime trading history literally put the archipelago on the map, and Jakarta’s Museum Bahari (Maritime Museum) focuses on the importance of this age of commerce and discovery as well as traditional seafaring and its significance to the nation referred to as “Tanah Air” literally “the land and the sea”. ... Read more about Museum Bahari (Maritime Museum) .

Museum Bank Mandiri
1 Jalan Pintu Besar Utara, Jakarta

If your interests include Art deco architecture or quirky old technology, Museum Bank Mandiri is absolutely worth a look—the magnificent stained glass at the entrance is worth the cost of the ticket ... Read more about Museum Bank Mandiri .

Kota Tua
Centred on Taman Fatahillah

Kota Tua, is the historic heart of Jakarta, literally Jakarta’s “Old Town” usually just referred to as simply “Kota”. ... Read more about Kota Tua .

Jakarta History Museum
1 Taman Fatahillah, Jakarta
T: (0216) 929 101

Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta) is housed in what was once Batavia’s Stadhuis, the Town Hall and administrative heart of the Dutch East India Company’s colonial empire. ... Read more about Jakarta History Museum .

Sunda Kelapa
North Jakarta

Jakarta’s historic port, Sunda Kelapa has been in operation shipping spices to major trading partners across the region since probably even long before the Sunda Kingdom named it for a bunch of coconut trees growing near the Ciliwung River estuary sometime between the seventh and 16th centuries. ... Read more about Sunda Kelapa .

Gereja Sion
Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta, Jakarta

A short walk from Jakarta’s Kota railway station, the stately and rather austere historic church, Gereja Sion (Zion Church) attests to a unique chapter in the story of the city. ... Read more about Gereja Sion .

Central Jakarta’s Historic Churches
Scattered around central Jakarta

Within a radius of two kilometres in Central Jakarta, three historic churches, each of a different denomination sit within walking distance of Southeast Asia’s largest mosque and provide a simple reminder that Indonesia is a diverse multi-faith society, home to more than 26 million Christians despite it often being referred to as a Muslim ... Read more about Central Jakarta’s Historic Churches .

Glodok walking tour
T: (0856) 766 9954

Glodok is Jakarta’s “Chinatown” but you’ll be hard pressed to find the touristic version of Chinatowns seen in other cities around the world. Instead this area of the city offers up fascinating laneways and markets in an energetic enclave jam-packed with great food and hidden ... Read more about Glodok walking tour .

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