Photo: Plantations outside Bandung.

Things to see and do

Factory outlet shopping in Bandung

Aside from its delicious cool weather and other sights, Bandung is known for being home to lots of clothing factory outlets. Popular with weekending Jakartans, Singaporeans and Malaysians, it’s also a great spot for Westerners to dig out bargains as the outlets tend to stock larger sizers than you’ll find in ordinary Indonesian ... Read more about Factory outlet shopping in Bandung .

Bandung's Kawah Putih

Bandung is one of those cities that people visiting Java tend to skip through rather quickly, mainly because the surrounding activities all seem like too much of a hassle to get to. Kawah Putih to the south of Bandung is a case in point, but those with persistence will find a crater lake of staggering ... Read more about Bandung's Kawah Putih .

Geological wonders around Garut, Java

One of the great things about Java is that it’s home to an intense concentration of geological activity due its location on the rim of fire. This means frequent earthquakes, regular volcanic eruptions and an abundance of interesting active geological sites. Garut is one area on the island that in particular punches above its weight when it comes to geological ... Read more about Geological wonders around Garut, Java .

Bandung's Tangkuban Parahu

Volcanoes. They’re the stuff of myth, legend and disaster — Indonesia has volcanoes in spades accompanied by stories born out of tragedies that occur around them from time to time. Tangkuban Parahu, the active volcano close to the city of Bandung, has a cute story behind its name related to its shape rather than its deadly ... Read more about Bandung's Tangkuban Parahu .

Maribaya forest walk
Jalan Raya Maribaya, Maribaya

Up in the hills north of Bandung is a five-kilometre forest walk that’s well worth checking out if you have a spare day in town or even if you have time after visiting Tangkuban Parahu. The easier version of the walk commences in the village of Maribaya just outside of Lembang and ends in Dago which has good angkot connections into the centre of town. The more difficult version starts in Dago ... Read more about Maribaya forest walk .

Situ Patengan
50km southwest of Bandung, 5km from Kawah Putih

The lake itself is nothing to write home about, but it’s fun to head out on a perahu to the other side of the lake and the local attraction Batu Cinta (Love Rock). While the rock itself is quite boring, it provides a break from the hard wooden seats of the perahu. Perahus can be chartered for 300,000 rupiah or a seat can be purchased for 19,000 rupiah as long as there are enough people to ... Read more about Situ Patengan .

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