Photo: Bogor's famous gardens.

Things to see and do

Things to do in Java's Bogor

Many people travelling to Indonesia enter through the capital, Jakarta, which immediately challenges visitors to move on find the next location check out. Of course different people choose different destinations based on the type of journey they are on, but the difficulty of where to head next remains the same. Some jump on the first train out of Jakarta and head to Yogyakarta before flying to ... Read more about Things to do in Java's Bogor .

Bogor Botanical Gardens

This is the primary tourist attraction in Bogor and a popular destination for foreign tourists. The expansive grounds are particularly impressive and it’s possible to spend an entire afternoon here walking along the shady paths through forests of trees which are labelled with their biological names. Inside the grounds you’ll find fountains, a river, avenues of trees, ponds filled with lily pads ... Read more about Bogor Botanical Gardens .

Wayang Golek Workshop
North of botanical gardens
T: (0251) 838 3758

Before being listed in guidebooks over a decade ago, Pak Dase was a poor man living day to day with no prospect of a bright future. But all that changed when he then featured in a number of well-known guidebooks which brought customers from Europe with pockets full of cash looking to export his puppets. He now owns five houses and knows exactly what foreigners are willing to pay. The workshop ... Read more about Wayang Golek Workshop .

Gong Pancasan
Jalan Pancasan No.17, Bogor
T: (0251) 477 7133

You can see the production process in a small, dark hut out the back of a shop a short ride or walk from central Bogor. Men fire bronze in a primitive fireplace and hammer it into shape with large heavy mallets. They’ve been doing it the same way here for centuries, although these days the men working in the factory benefit greatly from occasional donations from tourists – 5,000 rupiah is ... Read more about Gong Pancasan .

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