Photo: Just another volcano.

Things to see and do

Gunung Papandayan
25km west of Garut

The peak of the mountain itself stands at some 2675 metres above sea level, but most people don't try and reach the summit, instead preferring to gaze upon the otherworldly crater 20 minutes' walk from the main carpark. And otherworldly it is, with hot water streams, boiling lakes and jets of sulphur spewing out of the earth. For the casual visitor, it is not necessary to have a guide to view the ... Read more about Gunung Papandayan .

Kawah Kamojang
28 northwest of Garut

The main attractions for tourists at Kawah Kamojang are the multiple bubbling lakes, pools and streams as well as a variety of gushing hot streams, high pressure steam vents and hot earth. The entire area is not particularly heavily-touristed and has a pleasant, relaxed feel to it as you walk to the various vantage points to take in remarkable geothermal activity. Although many parts of the area ... Read more about Kawah Kamojang .

Candi Cangkuang
18km north of Garut

Located at the edge of a picturesque lake flanked by lush vegetation and a kampung, Candi Cangkuang provides visitors with a brief glimpse to a time when the entire island of Java was dominated by Hinduism. Candi Cangkuang is a fairly small-scale tourist sight, but is worth the effort to get to nonetheless. The temple itself lies across the other side of a lake, which you will be told by ... Read more about Candi Cangkuang .

Kampung Naga
20 kilometres southeast of Garut

The scenery around Kampung Naga is breathtaking in every sense of the word. It first comes into view when commencing the long walk from the carpark at the top of the hill and continues to amaze as you proceed down the stairs and into the ricefield-carpeted valley below. While descending the hundreds of stairs, the view opens up into a mixture of dense jungle, patchwork ricefields and old ... Read more about Kampung Naga .

Hot springs at Cipanas
End of Jalan Raya Cipanas

For the meagre entry fee, one gets to hang out with the locals in the luke warm waters of the several pools with different sizes and depths. Change rooms to the side of the pools come in handy after a relaxing dip, but they were a bit dirty when we visited. This place is definitely worth a visit to ease those weary muscles after hiking one of the nearby volcanoes. And besides, this is one of ... Read more about Hot springs at Cipanas .

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