Photo: Windblown.

Things to see and do

Java's Ujung Genteng, end of the... roof tile?

I’m often asked about my favourite places in Java and I often reply with expected responses such as “Bromo — it is spectacular” and “Dieng — a mystical paradise in the mountains”. But I also mention places such as Karimunjawa and Ujung Genteng, both of which receive very few foreign tourists, but are stunning places well worth checking ... Read more about Java's Ujung Genteng, end of the... roof tile? .

Cikaso Waterfall
Cikaso, 7km from Surade

Locals come here en masse on weekends, but at other times it is possible you will be the only visitor around. All the better to hop around all the rocks, searching for that perfect angle for a photo or to find a great place to plonk your towel before entering the refreshing water for a swim. It's a fantastic place to do all these things and many visitors set up here for a few hours of rest, ... Read more about Cikaso Waterfall .

Turtle Beach
5km north of Ujung Genteng

The government has made a concerted effort to protect these creatures from poachers, who prize the meat and eggs, by establishing a conservation area about five kilometres north of Ujung Genteng. The purpose of the conservation programme is to harvest eggs which are laid nightly by the returning turtles, incubate them and then release them two months later so that the cycle continues. ... Read more about Turtle Beach .

Where to next?

Where are you planning on heading to after Ujung Genteng? Here are some spots commonly visited from here, or click here to see a full destination list for Indonesia.

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