Photo: Overlooking Berastagi.

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Entry 3km north of Berastagi

Billed as one of Indonesia’s most accessible volcanoes, Gunung Sibayak is a 2,200-metre high steaming crater which reportedly last erupted in 1881. All that’s left now is a massive crater atop a heavily forested mountain which from a distance doesn’t really look like a typical conical volcano. The crater has one wall seemingly blown out and a clear path where “magma” once flowed. From the ... Read more about Gunung Sibayak .

Sipiso-piso Waterfall
35km south of Berastagi

Located about 35 kilometres south of Berastagi on the edge of Lake Toba, this impressive 120-metre high waterfall tumbles out of the surrounding farmland straight into a short river which leads directly to the lake. Get a good view of the waterfall by heading down the steps leading to the river, which are punishing to descend, worse to climb. There are fantastic views from here of the northern ... Read more about Sipiso-piso Waterfall .

4km from northern monument

For the best sunset viewpoint and great views across to Gunung Sinabung, head to Gundaling. Gundaling is the name of the small hill you can see from many parts of town where locals go to picnic, ngopi (drink coffee) and canoodle. From the top of the hill there are fantastic views across the centre of town towards distance mountains, market gardens and even towards the recently eruptive Gunung ... Read more about Gundaling .

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Jalan Perwira 3, across from northern monument

In what used to be a local Catholic church, this museum is a place to learn about traditional household tools of the Karo people and is similar in style to the one you may see at Lingga village some 12 kilometres away. On two floors you’ll see cooking utensils, knives, baskets, bowls, some fantastic traditional clothes and a bunch of interesting photos dating from the early 20th century. Most ... Read more about Museum Pusaka Karo .

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25km south of Berastagi

This village halfway between Kabanjahe and Merek on the way to Sipiso-piso waterfall is a little bit off the beaten track, but it is still relatively accessible by public transport. It’s a peaceful village known for a couple of ancient giant traditional houses which still have people living inside them. It’s for this reason you’re unlikely to get a look inside and you’ll have to resort to ... Read more about Dokan Traditional Village .

Lingga Traditional Village
12km south of Berastagi

Much like the other traditional village, Dokan, Lingga is medium-sized collection of normal houses with a cluster of spectacular old traditional long houses built out of wood and local materials. These houses were reputedly built about 150 years ago and still have people living in them thanks to a maintenance program sponsored by the Indonesian government without which the houses would ... Read more about Lingga Traditional Village .

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