Photo: Lake Toba is big, very big.

Things to see and do

Motorbike trip around Pulau Samosir

A delightful way to enjoy Lake Toba is to rent a motorbike from one of the hundreds of rental places in Tuk-Tuk and just hit the road. If you get on the road early enough, say 07:00, it’s possible to take in all of the sites on the island and make a complete circuit. The western side of the island is completely different to the east, where Tuk-Tuk is located, and it’s worth heading there to ... Read more about Motorbike trip around Pulau Samosir .

Museum Huta Bolon Simanindo

Twice daily and once on Sundays, the small museum at Simanindo puts on a traditional dance performance for tourists in front of three towering traditional Batak houses. The performance traverses through 11 different phases associated with the slaughtering of a buffalo, among other things. Although no buffaloes are slaughtered in these performances, a live buffalo is used as local Batak ... Read more about Museum Huta Bolon Simanindo .

Hot springs

Across the sliver of land connecting Pulau Samosir to the mainland is a massive volcano plus hot springs, which make an enjoyable detour on your trip around the island. The original bathing spot and still the best is Rico Melati. It has the highest location up the mountain and therefore the best views. Also, aside from the concrete swimming pool typical in this area, they also have a more ... Read more about Hot springs .

Makam Raja Sidabutar

Makam Raja Sidabutar at Tomok, a short motorcycle ride south of Tuk-Tuk, is more simply known as the king’s grave, though according to legend, multiple kings are in fact buried here. The first king, Dalihan Natolu, established a particular form of behaviour for the people. More recently, the first king to accept the word of Christianity was buried in the same compound. There are two ways to ... Read more about Makam Raja Sidabutar .

Stone Chairs of Ambarita

The stone chairs located in the village of Ambarita about five kilometres from Tuk-Tuk are one of the island’s most famous attractions and as such receive a tremendous number of guests, particularly on weekends. Constructed about 300 years ago, the chairs are said to have been used by a king’s council to determine the fate of captured enemies and criminals. If a person was sentenced to death, ... Read more about Stone Chairs of Ambarita .

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