Photo: Buffalo racing outside Sumbawa Besar.

Sumbawa is so big, we’ve split it up into areas, select one of the below for detailed accommodation and food listings in that area. Sights and general overviews for Sumbawa as a whole can be found via the icons above. Don’t know where to start? Read an overview of Sumbawa’s different areas.

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Things to see and do

Dalam Loka
Jl Raya Bukit Permai, southern part of town.

A former Sultan’s palace, Dalam Loka is pretty much downtown Sumbawa Besar’s top-shelf tourist attraction. The large two-storey teak building was originally built in 1885 for the then-sultan, Sultan Mohammad Jalaluddin III, apparently without a single nail. The Sultan moved to a new residence (the Yellow House, a short walk from the Dalam Loka) in the early 1930s. The palace was largely ... Read more about Dalam Loka .

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Gili Bedil

There are Crusoe-like islands and then there are Crusoe islands that almost have a Crusoe living on them. Gorgeous Gili Bedil falls firmly into the latter. ... Read more about Gili Bedil .

Gili Keramat

As if representing government tourism development versus local initiatives, Gili Keramat is the poorer cousin of Gili Bedil in almost every way, but there is still some solid reef on the way, plenty of fish and a pleasant beach to walk along. Bedil is by far our favourite, but if you’ve got the time and have chartered the boat anyway, then you may as well swing by here as well. It is a far, ... Read more about Gili Keramat .

Aik Renung and Liang Petang

This dynamic duo of sarcofagi and a cave are the most often suggested attractions for those with a bit of time on their hands in Sumbawa Besar. While neither are highlights (unless you are of an archeological tilt), visiting them will absolutely fill most of a ... Read more about Aik Renung and Liang Petang .

Kencana Beach

If you’ve got half a day to kill in Sumbawa Besar and don’t fancy a trip to Aik Renung and Liang Petang, you could do far worse than trucking yourself over to Kencana Beach for the day. Just 11 kilometres to the west of Sumbawa Besar, the greyish-sand crescent offers some tempting shady spots, calm clear waters (with some patchy snorkelling -- don’t get too excited) and a relaxed vibe. On ... Read more about Kencana Beach .

Buffalo racing

Sunday is buffalo racing day, not just around Sumbawa Besar, but right across Sumbawa. So if you’re at a loose end on a Sunday on the island, ask around to see if you can enjoy a day (or an hour should suffice really) of the local art of buffalo racing. ... Read more about Buffalo racing .

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