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Things to see and do

Ban Pasak Village, Oudomxay
T: (081) 212 803

In a town filled to the brim with cheaply made, poor quality Chinese goods, it’s important to remember that Udomxai province is home to several ethnic minorities trying to maintain their handicraft traditions. At the unremarkably named PMC, an acronym for the Productivity and Marketing Center of Oudomxay, a shop sells and promotes handicrafts made in villages around the province. There are ... Read more about Handicrafts .

Trekking from Udomxai
Provincial Tourism Office, Udomxai

If you are interested in treks and tours, stop by the Provincial Tourism Information Centre (Mon–Fri, 08:30–16:30) on the main street directly across from the market. They can help you book tours and licensed local guides. Plenty of photos and information are displayed, as well as a helpful bulletin board with bus and boat schedules, suggested things to do and ads for activities and ... Read more about Trekking from Udomxai .

Cycling around Udomxai
Samlaan Cycling: Ban NaLao Village, Udomxai
T: (030) 5130184

In Laos, head out of any urban centre and it doesn’t take long to find yourself immersed in the countryside. This is also true of Udomxai. Your best bet for renting bicycles is at Litthavixay Guesthouse or Charming Lao Hotel. If you want a decent ride, inquire with one of the cycle tour companies. A bicycle tour is an excellent way to get out of Udomxai’s concrete jungle and into a real ... Read more about Cycling around Udomxai .

Red Cross Massage and Sauna
Behind Phouxay Hotel, beside Phouthat Hill
T: (081) 31 23 91

For only 12,000 kip, you can relax and feel good about supporting the Lao Red Cross in Udomxai. Funds generated from their traditional sauna and massage go to community first aid training, construction of toilets and gravity-fed water systems, relief aid and sex education. It’s 700 metres along a bumpy road and then up a hill to get to the centre. Buy your ticket, wrap yourself in the sarong ... Read more about Red Cross Massage and Sauna .

Wat Phu That
On the hill, Udomxai

Both the standing golden Buddha, a good 15 metres high, and the Wat Phu That stupa are impressive, especially at sunset. Most people will come and grab a couple of photos and promptly retreat back down to the main road. The air is fresh while the views over town and the surrounding mountains are also lovely. The stupa is believed to date back to the 14th century and it still holds religious ... Read more about Wat Phu That .

KM 11 Waterfall
11km from Udomxai

The waterfall at kilometre 11 or Tad Lak Sip-et is nothing to write home about but it’s a pleasant enough spot to come and have a picnic with the locals. They flock there to grill fish and have a swim, especially on the weekends and holidays. The waterfall isn’t that powerful, making swimming here safe and fun. Women should wear a sarong over their bathers or go in clothed. You’ll need your ... Read more about KM 11 Waterfall .

Nam Kat Waterfall

The entrance to the track to Nam Kat Waterfall is located at Ban Faen, a Khmu village eight kilometres east of Udomxai. The village is 15 kilometres upstream from the actual falls and we recommend hiring a guide from the village to get there. We didn’t actually hit the falls ourselves this trip around, but gleaned all the following from the ever helpful staff at the Tourist Information Centre in ... Read more about Nam Kat Waterfall .

Daytrip to Muang La

We highly recommend staying at least one night in Muang La – if not three or four – but if you’re short on time then a day trip to the scenic town is possible and worth it. Muang La is 28 kilometres from Udomxai but the terrible road surface means the journey there will take one hour. Muang La is a small town nestled in a valley beside the Nam Pak river. It’s quiet, picturesque and ... Read more about Daytrip to Muang La .

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