Photo: Plain of Jars.

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The Plain of Jars

In Xieng Khouang, there are plains and they have jars giving us the Plain of Jars. Clusters of one to four hundred megalithic stone jars can be found throughout the province and it is a wonder to see. How did they get there and why? The story of the Plain of Jars is two-fold, the jars themselves and then there is the devastation caused by the war. When visiting, both come to ... Read more about The Plain of Jars .

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UXO and the legacy of the Secret War in Xieng Khouang

During the 1960’s, while international news outlets intensely covered the Vietnam War, the world ignored the fact that an illegal war was raging in neighbouring ... Read more about UXO and the legacy of the Secret War in Xieng Khouang .

Muang Khoun
Around 30km from Phonsavan

Once the royal seat of Phuan Kingdom in the 14th century, and more recently the provincial capital during French colonial times, prosperous Muang Khoun was renowned for its lavish stupas and temples before suffering a series of attacks. ... Read more about Muang Khoun .

Muang Kham and Tham Piew Cave
52 km northeast of Phonsavan

A quiet town 52 kilometres northeast of Phonsavan on Highway 7, Muang Kham is known for Tham Piew Cave, site of a war-time massacre where almost 400 civilians were ... Read more about Muang Kham and Tham Piew Cave .

Muang Soui/Nong Tang
Around 50km from Phonsavan

During the Secret War, the nondescript village of Muang Soui was intensely fought over by the communist Pathet Lao and the People’s Army of Vietnam against the neutralists, the Royal Lao Army and the US CIA-backed operation that included Hmong fighters. The airfield was known as Lima Site 108 (LS108), the location of the runway still obvious ... Read more about Muang Soui/Nong Tang .

Phou Khout
43km from Phonsavan

Found off of Route 7, Phou Khout (also Kood, Kout) is an interesting and remote side adventure 43 kilometres from Phonsavan. The district can be combined with Muang Soui (Nong Tang) for a long day trip from the ... Read more about Phou Khout .

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