Photo: Wandering the interior of Don Kho.

Things to see and do

Motorbiking the Bolaven Plateau

An expanse of highland formed from an ancient volcano, the Bolaven Plateau is one of southern Laos’ most attractive destinations. Rich with waterfalls, lush jungles, farmland, ethnic diversity and miles of excellent roads, one of the best ways to cover it all is by ... Read more about Motorbiking the Bolaven Plateau .

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Don Kho Island, Ban Saphai and Wat Chompet
17km from Pakse

Just 17 km north of Pakse and only accessible by boat, the small rural Mekong island of Don Kho whisks visitors back in time. ... Read more about Don Kho Island, Ban Saphai and Wat Chompet .

Tad Fane
Road 16E, km-38 (38 km from Pakse & 12 km from Paksong)

Tad Fane is considered one of the top waterfalls to visit in the Bolaven Plateau and is certainly one of the more easily accessed. Given the height of the twin cascades—a river plunges 120 metres off a cliff surrounded by the dramatic jungles of Dong Hua Sao NPA—this is a crowd pleasing site. Tad Fane (also spelled Tad Fan) is viewed at a distance from across the gorge and for most ... Read more about Tad Fane .

Tad Yuang
Road 16E, km-40 (40 km from Pakse & 10 km from Paksong)

Tad Yuang (also spelled Tad Gneuang) is a spectacular waterfall that makes an indelible impression when you first lay eyes on it. Ribbons of water plunge over a sheer cliff 40 metres to a pool below, the rising mist intensifying and electrifying the green hues of the surrounding jungle. It’s picture-perfect, an iconic dictionary definition of a waterfall. Unlike taller Tad Fane, which ... Read more about Tad Yuang .

Tad E-Tu
Road 16E, km-35 (35 km east of Pakse & 15 km west of Paksong)

As far as Bolaven waterfalls go, at least in terms of size, Tad E-Tu (Itou) falls in the middle—it’s taller than Tad Champi, not nearly as tall as Tad Yuang. The waterfall is home to the Falls View Resort—one of the best accommodation options along Route 16—and visitors need to go through the resort to reach the waterfall. Park your bike and carefully walk down the steep stairs to ... Read more about Tad E-Tu .

Tad Champi
Road 16E, km-38 (38 km east of Pakse & 12 km from Paksong)

Tad Champi is an excellent waterfall for independent travellers to hang out riverside, swim and perhaps take a walk behind the curtain of water. Not to be confused with Tad Champee along Road 20 to Tad Lo, Tad Champi is the least developed of the falls along Road 16E between Pakse and Paksong. Aside from paid parking and a few vendors selling drinks, there’s nothing else except to take the ... Read more about Tad Champi .

Tad Pasuam
Road 20, km-35 (35 km from Pakse)

Tad Pasuam (also known as Uttayan Bajiang) is a waterfall that can be visited as a day trip from Pakse or a stop on the popular multiday motorbike loop through the Bolaven Plateau. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe this waterfall, “cultural ethnic park” and “resort”. It includes a past-the-expiration-date accommodation and fake ethnic village, where people wear traditional ... Read more about Tad Pasuam .

Dao Heuang morning market
Route 13, 2km from downtown.

Pretty much every town in Laos will have a morning market of some description, but there are morning markets and there is the Dao Heuang morning market—make time to have a ... Read more about Dao Heuang morning market .

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