Photo: Exploring Ban Saphai.

Things to see and do

Waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau

In the far southern reaches of Laos, just to the east of the major city of Pakse, is the famous Bolaven Plateau, home to dense jungle, sprawling coffee plantations and fantastic waterfalls. The waterfalls are the highlight for visitors undertaking the Bolaven Plateau motorcycle loop and are part of most people’s itinerary every single ... Read more about Waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau .

Exploring Laos' Bolaven Plateau

One of the most rewarding experiences on offer in Southern Laos is a motorcycle trip through the Bolaven Plateau. It's home to numerous waterfalls, great scenery, tribal villages, and unexplored corners galore. So while everyone else is blasting straight down to Si Phan Don, swerve off the beaten tourist trail, get yourself a motorbike, a map and do some ... Read more about Exploring Laos' Bolaven Plateau .

Southern Laos by scooter

During our recent trip through Southern Laos we hired one of those Chinese Honda Dream rip-offs from Mr Vong at Sabaidy 2 Guesthouse in Pakse and did a bit of a loop through what all the guidebooks seem to refer to as Laos' Remote South -- if you've got the time, some language skills (not essential but they do help!) and a bit of spare cash, this loop is a great diversion for those who want to ... Read more about Southern Laos by scooter .

Ban Saphai
17km from Pakse

It was settled by a group of families from Attapeu hundreds of years ago and today there are 44 families living on the island, officially making up a total population of 396. Their traditional Lao-style houses ring the island which can be easily circumnavigated in a couple of hours. The houses are all on stilts providing a cool space beneath where just about every family spends the day spinning ... Read more about Ban Saphai .

Tad Fane
38km from Pakse

The falls are located in the jungle of Dong Hua Sao, which is a National Biodiversity Conservation area. Overlooking the falls is a single resort, appropriately called the Tad Fane Resort. The falls are quite striking, but unlike others in the area, swimming opportunities aren't available unless you take a half-day hike under the supervision of a guide -- both the top and the bottom of the ... Read more about Tad Fane .

Tad Yuang Gneuang
2km from Tad Fane

It's a stunning spot, brilliantly green, and although the waterfall is not the highest in the area, it's wide and impressive. It's easy to access from the road -- the path leads first to the pools at the top of the falls, and then there's a path to the right that winds down to the pool at the bottom. It's a slippery, slightly treacherous climb down the stone steps, which are perpetually slick ... Read more about Tad Yuang Gneuang .

Tad Champee
Route 20 (on the way to Tad Lo)

It's then a 10 kilometre journey down a flat dirt road. At the motorbike parking area you'll be asked to pay 5,000 kip. The waterfall is mediocre to look at and simply tumbles over a few rocks and then continues to be a river again a few metres below. However, Tad Champee is a great place for swimming either in the river at the top or in one of the pools under the main waterfall. The ... Read more about Tad Champee .

Uttayan Bajiang
Route 20 (on the way to Tad Lo)

It's a self-described nature resort which includes a waterfall, great restaurant which is extremely popular with groups, mock village complete with traditionally dressed people and some rudimentary unused lodgings. The primary thing to see here is the Pha Suam Waterfall. The falls tumble quite powerfully over a 10-metre high cliff and end up in a river full of fish fed on bread from ... Read more about Uttayan Bajiang .

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