Photo: Pretty light by the river, Sekong.

Things to see and do

Ban Kok Phung Tai and Captain Hook’s tour
Road between Ban Beng and Paksong (10.5 km south of Ban Beng), Sekong Province
T: (020) 9893 0406

Just after the border from Salavan into Sekong Province, Katu village Ban Kok Phung Tai has been put on the traveller map by Mr Hook aka “Captain Hook” and his tour which delivers fascinating insight into the Katu way of ... Read more about Ban Kok Phung Tai and Captain Hook’s tour .

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Tad Faek waterfall
3 km off of Road 11, 14 km south of Sekong

Located in Sekong Province, Tad Faek is one of the recommended sights along the large Bolaven Plateau loop. ... Read more about Tad Faek waterfall .

Tad Houa Khon waterfall
Road 11, 17 km south of Sekong, 3 km south of Tad Faek

Lying outside the eastern edge of the Bolaven Plateau in the Sekong river valley, Tad Houa Khon, also known as Tad Se Noy, is an oasis of forest and falls 17 kilometres south of Sekong. There’s a small development at these falls with a boardwalk leading through the forest past streams and pleasant picnic areas before reaching the big falls. Tad Houa Khon is a highly recommend stop on the ... Read more about Tad Houa Khon waterfall .

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