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As Jalan Pasir Bogak heads west, it runs into the beginning of Pasir Bogak beach, which shares some beach space with a few hotels but is otherwise a lengthy stretch of golden sands lined with shade trees and set against an emerald sea. You will see a few sunbathers as well as fishermen in the area, so no need to be too shy. It would, however, be advisable to be more modest when venturing off the ... Read more about Beaches .

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Water sports on Pangkor

You will find loads of water sports operators along the waterfront of Nipah and Coral beaches, offering snorkel trips, banana boat rides, jetski rentals and a range of other activities, as well as private boat hire. Some post prices and others do not, but if you’re the negotiating type take your charm to Beach Boy Water Sports or Coral Beach Water Sports, both located on quieter Coral Beach, and ... Read more about Water sports on Pangkor .

Foo Lin Kong Temple

At the foot of Pangkor Hill, in Sungai Pinang Besar, Foo Lin Kong Temple is a massive explosion of symbolic imagery set against a hillside backdrop of forest. Located at the edge of a kampung, the tiny side street leading to the Chinese temple is only indicated by a small corner sign on Jalan Pinang Besar. The wonderland entry is guarded by a life-sized gentleman fishing, and the mysterious ... Read more about Foo Lin Kong Temple .

Lin Je Kong Temple

Located at the northern end of Coral Beach is Lin Je Kong Temple. Built on an outcrop of boulders and sandwiched between the forest and Teluk Nipah waterfront, it is accessible from the beach at low tide or a small road from Jalan Teluk Nipah. This unusual temple honours the Goddess Kuna Yin (Goddess of Mercy) as well as perhaps Walt Disney, with a collection of colourful statues dotting the ... Read more about Lin Je Kong Temple .

Bird watching

Pangkor is full of wild hornbills accustomed to people and their free-range presence is a sight to be seen. Early mornings at Nipah beach, birding enthusiasts will see hornbills perched everywhere. Some locals leave out bowls of fruit as encouragement, which has obviously been going on for quite some time. Sunset View Chalet has a more theatrical daily bird-feeding, where at sunset (varying ... Read more about Bird watching .

Kali Amman Temple

Located on the Sungai Pinang Besar waterfront, the Kali Amman Temple (also called Sri Pathira Kali Amman Temple) is the only Hindu temple on Pangkor. It is presently being renovated so we can’t say for sure whether it’ll be worth a look when it’s done, but it does remain one of just two Hindu temples in Malaysia that face the sea. Devotees come to visit the Shrine of Kali, but it is also a focal ... Read more about Kali Amman Temple .

Dutch Fortress (Kota Belanda)

Located on the southeast coast of Pangkor between Teluk Kecil and Teluk Gedung, the Dutch Fort is a barely-there refurbished version of its former self. The fort was originally built by the Dutch in 1670 for the storage of tin supplies, but was destroyed 20 years later by Malays who were disenchanted with Dutch mining techniques. The fort was rebuilt in 1743, but then abandoned a handful of ... Read more about Dutch Fortress (Kota Belanda) .

Galeri Pangkor

For history buffs, the Galeri Pangkor in Sungai Pinang Besar is a pocket-sized museum overlooking the waterfront with a small collection of local artefacts and historic photos. Most of the information is in Malaysian, though information about the significance of the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 is written in English and it highlights the heavy politics behind Perak’s tin mine ... Read more about Galeri Pangkor .

Jungle trekking

Despite the abundance of forests on Pangkor, guided jungle trekking opportunities do not obviously present themselves. Locals told us that there were no more clear trails, but jungle experts certainly reside on the island. It would definitely not be advisable to attempt any trekking solo but if a hike is at the top of your must-do list, make your way to Coral beach and ask around for a ... Read more about Jungle trekking .

Sacred Rock ( Batu Bersurat )

On the waterfront at Teluk Gedong, the Sacred Rock is a massive boulder enclosed in an open-air shed placed unceremoniously next to a road. The rock is a memorial to a Dutch dignitary’s child who mysteriously vanished during the Dutch occupation. Rumours of a tiger attack were spread by some, while others claimed angry Malays took the child in hopes of ridding Pangkor of the Dutch. A faint, crude ... Read more about Sacred Rock ( Batu Bersurat ) .

Noordin Mews in Georgetown
Noordin Mews in Georgetown
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