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Sipadan is known for large species like sharks, rays and barracuda and was one of Jacques Cousteau's favourite dive sites. Sea turtles are abundant around Mabul and the off-shore dive sites are renowned for muck diving with quirky creatures like pygymy seahorses and nudibranches. As many of the sites around Mabul and Sipadan are shallow coral reefs, it's also a paradise for snorkelling among ... Read more about Scuba diving & snorkelling .

Semporna Proboscis Monkey River Cruise
T: (089) 785 088

The tour begins around 15:30 with pick-up from your hotel and a drive through the countryside to Sungei Buaya (Crocodile River). The late afternoon timing is ideal for seeing long-tailed macaques, hornbill birds, giant fruit bats and lizards basking on the riverbank, but you'll have to be lucky to glimpse the big-nosed proboscis monkeys. If you are genuinely interested in Borneo wildlife, ... Read more about Semporna Proboscis Monkey River Cruise .

Semporna Central Market
Semporna Seafront

The location allows the catch of the day to be floated right in and you'll find the incredible bounty of the Celebes Sea – fresh fish, crab, prawns, even sea cucumbers – being sold for dinner. Unfortunately, you'll also see sharks and other vulnerable species for sale. The fruit selection puts the town's supermarket to shame and we dare you to leave without a few mangoes or ... Read more about Semporna Central Market .

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Located on isolated Pom Pom Island, the TRCC is run by scientists and staffed by volunteers – you could be one. Volunteers live in fan-cooled tents on a beach and work on conservation projects like coral planting, monitoring sea turtle eggs and biodiversity surveys. There are plenty of opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving, and volunteers who stay for two weeks or more can ... Read more about Tropical Research Conservation Centre .

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