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Things to see and do

Kayaking in Kuching

If you’re looking to experience some primary jungle in Sarawak without lumbering all the way out into Borneo’s interior, a river kayaking trip in the Padawan region provides some breathtaking scenery and is an easy way to do ... Read more about Kayaking in Kuching .

Splurging in Kuching

People often complain that Malaysian Borneo is expensive compared to the rest of Southeast Asia but you would be really hard-pressed to find things to splurge on in Kuching. Nonetheless, this intrepid writer splurged for a day so that you can save your pennies. Live ... Read more about Splurging in Kuching .

Rainforest Music Festival
Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching

As destinations go in Asia, Malaysian Borneo does not often come top in terms of culture and the arts; there are few live music concerts and almost no theatre features in any of the major cities. It is curious then that one of the highlights of the world music calendar happens to be in Kuching (where else?!). The Rainforest Music Festival happens every year over the last weekend of June at the ... Read more about Rainforest Music Festival .

Kuching weekend

This, dear reader, is a very reluctant post. A weekend in Kuching — yes that’s two days, or three if you have a flexible definition of “the weekend’” — really isn’t enough time but we can appreciate that often people will have time constraints when they’re travelling in Sarawak so let the following be a guide to enjoying Kuching in the most time efficient ... Read more about Kuching weekend .

Rainforest trekking with the Penan

The Borneo jungle can be an unforgiving place; it’s humid, it’s mountainous and around inhabited areas, although there are trails, it’s easy to get lost. However, last year in a moment of spectacular spontaneity, I booked a trip to head into the Ulu, or interior, of Sarawak. I would stay with a local indigenous community, the Penan, and as famed ex-nomads of the rainforest, they would guide ... Read more about Rainforest trekking with the Penan .

Borneo International Kite Festival, Sarawak

Sarawak is a strange pick and mix of contradictions, from its massively industrialised coastal cities to its sparsely populated rural villages with barely any electricity. Therefore, it should not be entirely surprising that Sarawak hosts the Borneo International Kite Festival despite there being almost no kite-flying culture in Sarawak or even in the rest of ... Read more about Borneo International Kite Festival, Sarawak .

Textiles Museum

Set over the second and third floors of the Pavilion, it showcases the diversity of Sarawak through the medium of textiles. Even if you aren’t that interested in textiles, the building is worth a visit in itself as it’s a great example of colonial architecture. The second floor houses different examples of indigenous textiles, such as the Iban ikat and the Ulu people’s fabric made from tree ... Read more about Textiles Museum .

Sarawak Museum (Ethnology Museum)

Often touted as the best museum in Southeast Asia, the Sarawak Musuem houses loads of taxidermy, ranging from small insects to large mammals on its first floor and a true-to-life recreation of a portion of an Iban longhouse upstairs. The museum is rammed full with mahogany glassfronted cases filled with fauna indigenous to Borneo and the place doesn’t look like it’s been changed since it was ... Read more about Sarawak Museum (Ethnology Museum) .

Tua Pek Kong Temple

The temple worships Tua Pek Kong -- a man from the Hakka clan whose boat got washed up on the shores of Penang while he was on his way to Sumatra. Details are vague as to why he was conferred deity status, but he is now worshipped by most of the Malaysian Chinese population. Interestingly, when the temple was first built, it was said to be on the most auspicious spot in Kuching. It had a hill ... Read more about Tua Pek Kong Temple .

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