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Roll your own Chanthaburi

Overshadowed by Eastern Thailand’s better-known destinations, like Pattaya and Ko Chang, the few travellers who give Chanthaburi a chance tend to hop off the bus for a night before stepping back onto the well-trampled trail. This might just be a ... Read more about Roll your own Chanthaburi .

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Chanthaboon old town

Over three centuries, the Chanthaboon riverside community went through periods of growth, uncertainty and decline. Nowadays this photogenic “old town” stands as a success story in historical and cultural preservation—and we think it’s the highlight of Chanthaburi ... Read more about Chanthaboon old town .

Temples, churches and shrines of Chanthaburi

Visiting some of Chanthaburi’s temples, churches and shrines is a fascinating way to get a sense for the area’s cultural diversity. Four sites are easy to include on a stroll around the Chanthaboon old town, and we’ve added four more that you might sprinkle in while on day trips elsewhere in the province. ... Read more about Temples, churches and shrines of Chanthaburi .

Gem Market (Talad Ploy)
Si Chan Road

Chanthaburi is perhaps best known for the gem trade that bursts from the Talad Ploy area of Si Chan Road, where dozens of shops join an outdoor weekend market to offer all things sparkly. The local gem business began centuries ago when rubies and sapphires, among other precious stones, were discovered in rural parts of Chanthaburi, Trat and western Cambodia. Shan traders from Burma arrived to ... Read more about Gem Market (Talad Ploy) .

Exploring the Chanthaburi coast

Chanthaburi province’s coastline reveals mangrove-lined bays, fishing shacks standing above hidden inlets, breathtaking viewpoints and empty beaches stretching to the horizon. Most foreign travellers overlook this splendid scenery, but we think it’s well worth a side trip. ... Read more about Exploring the Chanthaburi coast .

Khao Kitchakut National Park
30 kilometres north of Chanthaburi on Route 3249
T: (081) 945 0049

Khao Kitchakut National Park’s peaks rise to 1,085 metres and burst with jungle and wildlife. The main attractions are a series of mountaintop shrines drawing Buddhist pilgrims for only two months per year, and a waterfall, Nam Tok Krathing, that’s easy to reach from park headquarters all year ... Read more about Khao Kitchakut National Park .

Nam Tok Phlio National Park
Off Sukhumvit Rd, 14 km from Chanthaburi
T: (039) 434 528

Look southeast from Chanthaburi town and you’ll likely spot the mountains of Nam Tok Phlio National Park, where the namesake waterfall joins a memorial to a 19th-century Thai queen to attract busloads of Thai visitors. ... Read more about Nam Tok Phlio National Park .

Khai Noen Wong and the National Maritime Museum
The turnoff is around 6 km from Chanthaburi town.

Khai Noen Wong is a feeble old fort worth a quick stopover for a look at the cannons before heading into the National Maritime Museum, which shares the same grounds. ... Read more about Khai Noen Wong and the National Maritime Museum .

Farm Buu Nim
Khlung, Chanthaburi province
T: (086) 834 4523

Sloppily dressed servers stepped over a yipping dog, concentrating to keep their massive platters of boiled crab from tipping. A plump domesticated boar slept on the bamboo floor. It was just another evening at Farm Buu Nim, a quirky restaurant and seafood farm near the town of Khlung in Chanthaburi province’s southeastern ... Read more about Farm Buu Nim .

Experience the Andaman Sea
Experience the Andaman Sea
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