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Next to the Health Park

Joined to the mainland by a road is this tiny island. Nothing much goes on here, but there is a turtle farm, a Chinese temple and large statue of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy. Locals ritualistically release fish back into the sea here for good luck and use the slot machine-like devices to have their fortune told -- you choose one depending on the day of the week on which you were ... Read more about Ko Loy .

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Five kilometres out of town are dozens of tigers, crocodiles and other animals. As zoos go, it won't win prizes for allowing its captives much space; some cages have hundreds of baby crocodiles piled on top of each other. The zoo has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons -- 102 tigers died there in 2004 following the bird flu outbreak. Today things are back to normal and if you want to be ... Read more about Sri Racha Tiger Zoo .

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235 M.7 Bang Phra

Riding an elephant as you pass by giraffe, zebra and deer is quite an experience. It's not quite the Serengeti, but this open zoo does manage to combine the interests of tourists with the interests of animals extremely well, and is noted for its conservation work. Animals live out in the open, separated from visitors by moats and, only occasionally, cages. As well as the obligatory animal shows, ... Read more about Khao Kheow Open Zoo .

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There's always someone in a bar who will tell you should have been in Thailand 20 years ago. You may not be able to turn back time, but Ko Si Chang is the next best thing, offering a look at how life here used to be. It really hasn't changed over the past two decades and today there are few cars, fewer convenience stores and zero nightlife. A couple of beaches, a Chinese temple and a former royal ... Read more about Ko Si Chang .

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Jermjompol Rd

The park is the epicentre of Sri Racha, and the place where locals come to chat, go online or work out. With the sea as a backdrop, early evening is a good time to visit as the sunsets can be impressive. Several coffee shops offer drinks and snacks. At 18:00 on weekdays a mass aerobic workout takes place, led by a super-enthusiastic ... Read more about Health Park .

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