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Bannakan Road

In the middle of a roundabout in the centre of town on Bannakan Road, the statue is testament to the eighteenth century Lao ruler of Chaiyaphum, who switched sides to fight with Bangkok when Vientiane declared war on Siam at the start of the next century. Jao Pho Phraya Lae lost his life in the ensuing battles, but was kept in high esteem in Chaiyaphum and today has two annual festivals ... Read more about Jao Pho Phraya Lae Monument .

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Bannakan Road

Poorly preserved and not much to look at at all, in its heyday it was a temple on the route that connected Angkor Wat with the (far more impressive and better restored) Prasat Muang Singh just outside of Kanchanaburi. Today, if nothing else it serves as a reminder of just how small Chaiyaphum proper really is – particularly at night, by the time you've walked just a short way east to this ... Read more about Prang Ku .

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23km out of Chaiyaphum

Group tours aside, you are likely to be almost alone in the park, and pretty much certainly the only foreigner – on our visit, with the exception of one group leaving as we arrived, we counted only two or three other Thais, and we were certainly a novelty to the bored-looking guards at the gate collecting our 100B entrance fee. Take a songthaew from Chaiyaphum, leaving from the northern end ... Read more about Tat Ton National Park .

Pa Hin Ngam National Park
Por Tor Jor Tepsatit, Chaiyaphum
T: (019) 930 7581

The rural Chaiyaphum area in northeast Thailand boasts rolling green hills, cool air, and some of Thailand’s finest natural beauty. Despite this, few foreign tourists make it here due to the region’s remoteness and difficulty of reaching, but if you’ve got your own wheels (or aren’t afraid to spend a little cash to do something different), Pa Hin Ngam National Park is worth the ... Read more about Pa Hin Ngam National Park .

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