Photo: Exploring the surrounds of Wat That Phanom.

Things to see and do

Wat Phra That Phanom
Off Highway 212, That Phanom town

Ochre-robed monks and wrinkled women in traditional Lao-style skirts stroll the twinkling grounds. Incense smoke spirals towards the chedi’s golden top, a slight breeze off the Mekong River making the brass bells chime. Non-touristy, steeped in legend and revered as highly as any Thai temple, Wat Phra That Phanom is something ... Read more about Wat Phra That Phanom .

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Wat Hua Wiang Rangsi
Phanom Phanark Rd or the riverside road

Worth a passing glance after you’re finished at Phra That Phanom, Wat Hua Wiang Rangsi is a leafy riverside temple with some intriguing murals in the century-old ordination hall. Completed in 1921, the small building has an unusually low wood-shingle roof along with brick-and-cement walls that make it fit in with Nakhon Phanom’s colonial-era architecture. Inside, murals created in the ... Read more about Wat Hua Wiang Rangsi .

Wat Phra That Renu

Rising above Renu Nakhon town some 15 kilometres north of That Phanom, Phra That Renu stands 35 metres tall as a replica of what the old Phra That Phanom looked like before it fell apart in 1975. The chedi is only worth a visit if you’re really into temples, but the area’s Phu Tai community makes it more worthwhile. Sporting a broad light-pink base that houses a set of the Tripitaka ... Read more about Wat Phra That Renu .

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