Photo: Small falls near Pak Chong.

Things to see and do

Farms and vineyards tour
Scattered 10-20km from Pak Chong

While there are countless small farms and vineyards scattered throughout the area, the biggest and most easily accessible are located 10-20 km down Mittraphap Rd (Rte. 2) to the southwest in the Muak Lek area. By far the largest and most touristed of the farms is Farm Chokchai, which is impossible to miss on the left if heading away from Pak Chong. A local tourist hot spot, Chokchai offers ... Read more about Farms and vineyards tour .

Chet Sao Noi Waterfall
Muu 9, Baan Kaeng Lu, Muak Lek
T: (036) 226 431

Flowing to the north of Muak Lek in a far-flung corner of the Khao Yai region, Chet Sao Noi Waterfall usually gets overlooked by travellers. It's not Thailand’s tallest, widest, or most popular waterfall, but with a haunting backstory and scenery that's right out of a fantasy novel, there’s something mesmerising about Chet Sao ... Read more about Chet Sao Noi Waterfall .

No pic at the moment -- Sorry!
a few km before the Khao Yai gates
T: (081) 172 5670

Situated on Thanarat Rd a few km before the Khao Yai gates, the Khao Yai branch of the Thai Elephant Research Centre offers elephant rides for 300B per hour with all proceeds going to the Centre itself. It carries out a number of positive projects throughout the country aimed at protecting and conserving wild Thai elephants, their natural habitats, and the local people who have lived among ... Read more about Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Centre .

Suranaree Park and Lam Takong Lake
Northeast of Pak Chong

Lam Takong Lake, which is also the name of the local river that the lake feeds, lies to the northeast of Pak Chong. Surrounded by lush and pristine green mountains, this relatively large lake is one of Thailand's most scenic, and it's a protected area so there is literally zero development directly around most of it. While we were unable to find anyone offering kayak rental or lake tours, Lam ... Read more about Suranaree Park and Lam Takong Lake .

No pic at the moment -- Sorry!
A couple kilometres east off Thanarat Rd, near Khao Yai
T: (089) 717 4041

Located near Khao Yai a couple kilometres east off Thanarat Rd, the Bonanza Ranch is a sprawling resort and cowboy theme park that draws thousands of Thai visitors each year. We found the place to generally be tacky and not worth the money, except for the horse riding program at Bonanza's OK Corral. Experienced riders and ropesman offer a range of programs, from intensive riding lessons to ... Read more about Horse back riding at Bonanza Ranch .

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