Photo: Wandering the grounds of Phimai.

Things to see and do

Prasat Hin Phimai
Central Phimai
T: (044) 471 568

Prasat Hin Phimai, part of Phimai Historical Park, stands as a majestic reminder that the Khmer were in charge long before Thai people arrived in the area. The sanctuary broke with the east-facing orientation that’s typical of Khmer religious sites, instead facing south towards the kings in Angkor who oversaw a powerful and artistically gifted empire. ... Read more about Prasat Hin Phimai .

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Phimai National Museum
Off Tha Songkran Rd, just south of Moon River and 500m northeast of the historical park
T: (044) 471 167

Phimai National Museum exhibits one of the finest collections of Angkor-period lintels and statuary in Thailand. ... Read more about Phimai National Museum .

Wat Doem
Romsai Rd, just north of the historical park, Phimai

While Phimai is best known for its ancient Khmer art and architecture, Wat Doem is also worth a stop to check out some unusual Lao-style Buddha images in an active Theravada Buddhist temple. The highlight of Wat Doem (rhymes with “worm”) is a roughly three-metre-tall seated Buddha image depicted in the subduing Mara posture with a gentle expression on the face. To its right sits an ... Read more about Wat Doem .

Sai Ngam
A couple of kilometres to the east of Phimai town.

The Sai Ngam banyan tree grove is one of Thailand’s spookier attractions. It feels like the setting for a twisted horror film where the trees come alive and strangle unsuspecting passersby, and locals believe that potent terrestrial spirits dwell here. For photographers, or anyone who appreciates the eerie, Sai Ngam makes a visit to Phimai all the more ... Read more about Sai Ngam .

Ban Prasat
15 km west of Phimai

Archaeological excavations at Ban Prasat prove that a community grew rice and raised cattle in the area some 3,000 years ago. Three burial sites are open to the public in this peaceful village, where you’ll also find craftspeople weaving sumptuous silk and hardy reed mats. As a side trip from Phimai, Ban Prasat is absolutely worth a visit. ... Read more about Ban Prasat .

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