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Ban Chiang archaeological site
50km east of Udon Thani

Challenging presupposed ideas about Bronze Age civilisations, excavations at Ban Chiang have revealed hundreds of human burial sites alongside a breathtaking trove of ceramics and other artifacts dating as far back as 5,600 years ago. The village’s fantastic museums shed light on this ancient community and its re-emergence at one of Southeast Asia’s most significant archaeological ... Read more about Ban Chiang archaeological site .

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Phu Phra Bat Historical Park
Ban Phue district, 65 km northwest of Udon Thani
T: (042) 222 909 Ext. 218

Huge boulders appear to balance atop impossibly small rocks, rimmed by ancient Buddha images and caves shrouded in legend. A famous tale set at Phu Phra Bat Historical Park proclaims: “There is a sense of mystery here, a primeval force, which speaks, through ancient cave paintings and chiseled motifs, of those that lived long ... Read more about Phu Phra Bat Historical Park .

Chao Phu-Ya Shrine
A 15 minute walk from the old bus station

Overlooking a small lake at Wang Matcha Nong Bua Park, the Chao Phu Ya Shrine stands as an important monument to Udon’s many Chinese-Thai residents. The colourful shrine won’t be too captivating if you’ve seen more than a few Chinese shrines in your day, but the neighbouring Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre adds much to the overall allure. Fronted by golden-dragon pillars, bright paintings ... Read more about Chao Phu-Ya Shrine .

Wat Phothisomphon
Posri Rd, Udon Thani

Established in the late 1800s, Wat Phothisomphon’s most eye-catching feature is a large pagoda topped by a four-sided golden chedi completed in 2009. It looks great from afar, twinkling above Nong Prajak Park’s lake; though from close up the chunky concrete lower portions and modern appearance lack the grace of many other chedis. Drawing plenty of merit makers on Buddhist holidays, the ... Read more about Wat Phothisomphon .

Udon Thani Museum
Posri Rd

Udon’s provincial museum occupies a picturesque old government building built around the turn of the 20th century in the French style, with broad pillars and open walkways overlooking Nong Prajak Park. The museum was closed for renovations during our last visit; we imagine that it still contains English info boards and exhibits covering the history, archaeology and traditions of Udon, plus ... Read more about Udon Thani Museum .

Nong Prajak Park
West side of Udon Thani

Named after Udon’s founder, Nong Prajak Park covers a very large area on the west side of town, including a wide human-made lake with a giant rubber duckie and an “At Udon Thani” sign that shows up in more than a few traveller’s photos. This is where the locals come to exercise and escape the noise of a big city. The park has a few entrances to the east, south and west, each leading to ... Read more about Nong Prajak Park .

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