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Essential temples

The sheer number of Chiang Mai’s ancient Buddhist temples, or wats, can be overwhelming for visitors. Here's our take on the highlights of the city’s temple ... Read more about Essential temples .

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
15km west of Chiang Mai

As the saying goes, if you haven’t visited Wat Doi Suthep, you haven’t visited Chiang Mai! ... Read more about Wat Phra That Doi Suthep .

Wat Phra Singh
Where Ratchadamnoen Rd meets Samlarn Rd

While it doesn’t hold a candle to Wat Doi Suthep in terms of scenery, Wat Phra Singh is Chiang Mai’s most prestigious temple and therefore is the epicentre of the Songkran festivities among the Buddhist faithful. ... Read more about Wat Phra Singh .

Wat Chedi Luang
Phrapokklao Rd, next door to Wat Pan Tao and a short walk from Wat Phra Singh

Built in the 14th and 15th centuries, Chedi Luang means “royal chedi” in Thai and this was the official temple of the Lanna ... Read more about Wat Chedi Luang .

Wat Chiang Man
Ratchaphakhinai Rd, Chiang Mai

Located inside the moat in the northeast corner of the Old City, this is probably the oldest surviving Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. Thought to have been built in 1296 during the reign of King Mengrai, Wat Chiang Man served as a temporary home to the ruler while his new city of Chiang Mai was under construction. ... Read more about Wat Chiang Man .

Wat Pan Tao
Corner of Ratchadamnoen and Phrapokklao Rds

Wat Pan Tao is not one of Chiang Mai’s most famous wats but this small temple with its very attractive teak viharn is well worth a ... Read more about Wat Pan Tao .

Wat Umong
Soi Wat Umong, off Suthep Road, Suthep

Set at the foot of Doi Suthep along the road leading to Wat Doi Suthep and Doi Pui village, Wat Umong is one of Chiang Mai’s most unusual temples and makes a worthy addition to a day trip up the mountain. ... Read more about Wat Umong .

Wat Pansao
Just off Boonrueang Rit Rd, Suthep

The tiny but very attractive and photogenic Wat Pansao sees very few foreign visitors. It also happens to have some interesting legends attached to ... Read more about Wat Pansao .

Wat Jet Yot
Superhighway, north of intersection with Huay Kaew Rd

The correct name for this historic, attractive and unusual Chiang Mai temple is Wat Potharam Mahavihara. Locals however generally use the name Wat Jet (or Chet) Yot, meaning the Temple of Seven Spires, after its famous centrepiece, a seven-spired ... Read more about Wat Jet Yot .

Wat Lok Molee
Manee Nopparat Rd (the north side, outer moat road)

Wat Lok Molee is an attractive and often overlooked little temple which recently received a facelift. While not one of Chiang Mai’s most well known temples, it's well worth including on any temple tour of ... Read more about Wat Lok Molee .

Wat Sri Suphan
Wualai Soi 3, Hai Ya

Wat Sri Suphan’s claim to fame is its spectacular silverwork—the sheer volume makes you wonder how there’s any of the precious metal left to make anything else in Chiang ... Read more about Wat Sri Suphan .

Lost chedis of Chiang Mai

If you spend any time in Chiang Mai you won't help but notice the ubiquitous brick chedis, or stupas, liberally scattered around the city. ... Read more about Lost chedis of Chiang Mai .

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Chiang Mai National Museum
Superhighway, Suthep
T: (053) 221 308

Re-opened in mid-2017 after a welcome makeover, Chiang Mai National Museum is a worthwhile sight that also deserves to get more than the trickle of visitors it seems to receive at ... Read more about Chiang Mai National Museum .

Chiang Mai Historical Centre
Prapokklao Rd
T: (053) 217 793

Along with the Lanna Folklife Centre, the excellent Chiang Mai Historical Centre is a relatively new museum addition to Chiang Mai’s offerings and is well worth an hour or so of your ... Read more about Chiang Mai Historical Centre .

Lanna Folklife Museum
Prapokklao Rd
T: (053) 217 793

Chiang Mai’s Lanna Heritage Centre, or Lanna Folklife Museum, depending on which sign you read, is a well executed museum exploring traditional northern Thai life. ... Read more about Lanna Folklife Museum .

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Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market
On Ratchadamnoen and Phra Singh Rds, between Tha Pae Gate and Wat Phra Singh, Old City

There isn’t an official permanent Walking Street in Chiang Mai, but every Sunday the length of Ratchadamnoen, the Old City’s main east–west axis, plus several side streets, are closed to traffic and become one long open air street ... Read more about Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market .

Saturday Walking Street Market (Wualai)
Wualai Road, Hai Ya

Located on Wualai Road the Saturday Market, locally known as Wualai Market, is similar to the Sunday one but smaller, more chilled out and a bit less touristy. ... Read more about Saturday Walking Street Market (Wualai) .

Night Bazaar
Chiang Klan Rd, starting at Thapae and ending at Sridonchai

Chiang Mai’s huge and long-standing night bazaar is the best one-stop shop in town to pick up cheap souvenirs and a broad range of ... Read more about Night Bazaar .

Worarot market
Around Chang Moi Rd near the Ping River

Chiang Mai’s bustling “Chinatown” quarter spreads across a sprawling section of town known collectively as Worarot, extending on both sides of Chang Moi Road and covering an area between Ratchawong, Tha Pae Road and the Ping ... Read more about Worarot market .

Somphet market
Moonmuang Soi 6, Sri Phum

Somphet is a colourful, local and conveniently placed market that’s worth a peek and is a good spot to pick up some snacks or to grab a coffee or ... Read more about Somphet market .

Don Phayam Market
Junction of Suthep and Canal roads, Suthep

Don Phayam market is a bit out of the way but well worth the trip if you’d like to visit the quintessential Chiang Mai ... Read more about Don Phayam Market .

Kamthieng Market
Off Atsadathon Road

Kamthieng Market is essentially what you would call a garden centre in the West, with flowers, plants, trees, garden equipment, furniture, decorations and so on for sale. ... Read more about Kamthieng Market .

Ban Tawai handicraft market
Hang Dong district, 15km south of Chiang Mai

Ban Tawai boasts of being the largest handicraft market in Thailand. Whether or not it's true we can't say, but it's huge. Even if you have no intention of purchasing anything we reckon it makes for a fascinating place to wander ... Read more about Ban Tawai handicraft market .

Hang Dong market
Hang Dong, around 15km south of Chiang Mai

This very local suburban market is worth a stop on your way to or from Ban Tawai. While there are numerous similar markets scattered around Chiang Mai’s outlying areas, we’re mentioning this one as it lies on your way to, and provides an interesting contrast to, popular Ban Tawai. The market is located in what passes for the centre of Hang Dong, on the north side of Route 108, close to ... Read more about Hang Dong market .

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General activities

Flight of the Gibbon
Mae Kompong village, one hour from Chiang Mai city
T: (053) 010 660-3

This jungle zipline course is one of the area's most popular activities and it was easy to see why once we got over our fear of flying and tried it for ourselves. ... Read more about Flight of the Gibbon .

Huay Tung Tao
Off the Mae Rim canal road, (route 121), past the 700 Year Stadium, Mae Rim

Hugely popular among locals and expats alike but little frequented by tourists, the small but scenic lake of Huay Tung Tao lies a short ride from Chiang Mai’s downtown at the foot of Doi Suthep. ... Read more about Huay Tung Tao .

Rock climbing
55/2-3 Ratchaphakhinai Rd, Phra Singh
T: (053) 207 102

Chiang Mai might not immediately strike one as being a rock climbing hotspot along the lines of Krabi’s Railay for example but there are some good spots out among the limestone outcrops west of town and the very well organised Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures Co offer a range of interesting options. Climbing sites are out in Sankhampaeng District with the star of the show being the ... Read more about Rock climbing .

Mae Ping River Cruise
T: (053) 274 822

Laos’s Nam Ou, Cambodia’s Sangkar, or even Chiang Rai’s Kok River this is not, so don’t expect dramatic scenery and an untamed river, but a cruise on the Ping River is a very pleasant way to while away a few ... Read more about Mae Ping River Cruise .

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Public parks and zoos

Chiang Mai Zoo
100 Huay Kaew Rd, Suthep
T: (053) 210 374

As zoos go, Chiang Mai’s effort is the largest, and arguably the best, in Thailand. ... Read more about Chiang Mai Zoo .

Suan Buak Hat
Southwest corner of the Old City (corner of Bumrung Buri and Bunreuang moat roads)

Suan Buak Hat is downtown Chiang Mai’s one and only park. Fortunately it's a cute one, and a fine spot to wander around or while away an hour or so ... Read more about Suan Buak Hat .

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Natural attractions

Doi Suthep and Doi Pui
West of central Chiang Mai

Lush primary forest and a mountaintop temple a 10-minute ride from downtown Chiang Mai makes for a varied and interesting day trip. Suthep is a district of western Chiang Mai city and gives its name to the adjacent mountain (doi means mountain in north Thai), as well as the temple on the summit—Wat Prathat Doi Suthep. The forested mountain, plus neighbouring Doi Pui, form Doi Suthep-Pui ... Read more about Doi Suthep and Doi Pui .

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Day trips

The Samoeng Loop

This is a great scenic loop to do by motorbike or car during the week as a day trip from Chiang Mai, with plenty of places to stop for a coffee and enjoy the mountain ... Read more about The Samoeng Loop .

Elephant camps: Should you go?

Elephants are central to Thai culture, and if you’re coming to Chiang Mai hoping to encounter the beautiful Asian elephant, then perhaps you’ve come to the right ... Read more about Elephant camps: Should you go? .

Ob Khan National Park
Namphrae district, Hang Dong
T: (086) 181 1068

A trip to picturesque Ob Khan National Park will make it feel like you've left Chiang Mai hours behind you, but it's not far to reach at all, and offers great swimming, picnicking and hiking opportunities. ... Read more about Ob Khan National Park .

Wiang Khum Kham ancient city
10-minute tuk tuk ride from downtown Chiang Mai

Located just a 10-minute tuk tuk ride from downtown Chiang Mai, the ruins at Wiang Khum Kham ancient city make for a very pleasant half-day trip. ... Read more about Wiang Khum Kham ancient city .

Wat Phra Phutthabat Si Roi (Temple of the Four Buddha Footprints)
Around 70 km north of Chiang Mai

Wat Phra Phutthabat Si Roi, located in Mae Rim's Salouang district some 70 kilometres from central Chiang Mai, is a relatively new temple that houses four famous footprints of the Buddha. ... Read more about Wat Phra Phutthabat Si Roi (Temple of the Four Buddha Footprints) .

Mae Sa Valley
North of Chiang Mai

The picturesque Mae Sa Valley lies just a short distance north of Chiang Mai and is something of a microcosm of Chiang Mai's tourist industry, covering everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. ... Read more about Mae Sa Valley .

Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

A series of flooded quarries in Hang Dong district is the setting of one of Chiang Mai’s newer and more unusual ... Read more about Chiang Mai Grand Canyon .

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Chiang Mai’s shopping potential covers the full spectrum with wide choices in every department, from practical travel purchases and souvenirs through to stuff you never knew you wanted. Hard-core shoppers will be in their element and even browsers will be tempted. ... Read more about Shopping .

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Hiking, walking tours and itineraries

One day in Chiang Mai

We sincerely hope you are considering spending more than just one day in Thailand’s northern capital to explore its wealth of sights and fine accommodation and eating options. But as an introductory one-day programme is what you need, here are our suggestions. ... Read more about One day in Chiang Mai .

Three days in Chiang Mai

A three-day Chiang Mai programme will allow you enough time to take in a cross section of the city’s sites, nearby Doi Suthep plus perhaps a day out in the surrounding area to Mae Sa, Samoeng or Hang ... Read more about Three days in Chiang Mai .

Chiang Mai walking tours

With its labyrinth of lanes, a stunning ancient temple and tempting fresh coffee shops seemingly around every corner, Chiang Mai's Old City lends itself perfectly to a walking tour. Here's how we'd do it. ... Read more about Chiang Mai walking tours .

Hilltribe trekking from Chiang Mai

Once upon a time if you wanted to go trekking in Thailand you headed to Chiang Mai, and if you travelled to Chiang Mai it was usually because you were intending to go on a trek. Things have ... Read more about Hilltribe trekking from Chiang Mai .

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Massages and spas

Spas and massages

Spas and massage parlours of every description are ubiquitous throughout Chiang Mai. Here’s a summary on what to expect and some suggestions on where to go. ... Read more about Spas and massages .

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Cooking classes

Thai cooking classes
All over and around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is very well regarded for its cooking classes and if you’re at a loose end for a half day—or even a full day—then why not sign up for a fun and interesting Thai cookery ... Read more about Thai cooking classes .

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Giving back

Thai Freedom House, Chiang Mai
116 Maneenoparat Road, Chiang Mai

Other than running Chiang Mai's excellent Freebird Cafe—a Shan/Burmese vegetarian restaurant—Thai Freedom House runs a community education, arts and language centre for refugees from Burma (Myanmar) and underprivileged ethnic ... Read more about Thai Freedom House, Chiang Mai .

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