Photo: Tree shaded ruins at Kamphaeng Phet.

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Two days in Kamphaeng Phet

The UNESCO-listed ruins at Kamphaeng Phet attract a trickle of travellers, often on day trips from Sukhothai. Those who linger are treated to great food, a scenic riverfront, pristine natural attractions and locals who haven’t become jaded by mainstream tourism. If you seek to sidestep the well-trodden track, two days in Kamphaeng Phet could be just the ... Read more about Two days in Kamphaeng Phet .

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Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park: Central zone
Centre and west of town.

Comprising Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park’s entire central zone, Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Phra That stand over a large field that was also home to a royal palace during the Sukhothai period, which at the time was the city’s spiritual and political anchor. ... Read more about Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park: Central zone .

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park: Northern zone

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park’s northern zone is located around a kilometre northwest of the park’s central zone; and it is here where the historical park gets most interesting in our opinion, with venerable trees piercing into the ancient ... Read more about Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park: Northern zone .

Kamphaeng Phet National Museum

The Kamphaeng Phet National Museum and its sidekick, the Ruan Thai Museum, provide an in-depth look into the area’s long history while also exhibiting an intriguing collection of ancient artefacts. The imposing Thai-style building begins with a display on prehistoric life in the area, featuring 2,500-year-old terracotta earrings and bronze bracelets. Then comes a set of Buddha heads and ... Read more about Kamphaeng Phet National Museum .

San Phra Isuan (Shiva Shrine)
Around 200 metres south of the National Museum.

Situated just northeast of the historical park’s central zone, this small shrine has a laterite base with a bronze cast of the Hindu god Shiva, or Phra Isuan to the Thais. In 1886, a German named J.E. Rustmann stole the head and hands of the image and smuggled them to Germany. It took a request from King Rama V to have them returned, and in exchange the Thai authorities graciously supplied a ... Read more about San Phra Isuan (Shiva Shrine) .

Wat Phra Borommathat

Another ancient site that’s often passed by due to its location on the west bank of the Ping in the village of Nakhon Chum, Wat Phra Borommathat was founded in the Sukhothai days but now boasts a huge Burmese-style chedi. The roughly 30-metre-tall chedi stands on the site of three smaller lotus-shaped chedis commissioned by Sukhothai’s King Lithai to enshrine relics of the Buddha in the ... Read more about Wat Phra Borommathat .

Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront
Riverfront, Kamphaeng Phet

Kamphaeng Phet has taken full advantage of a one and a half kilometre stretch of riverfront by lining it with trees, steps and benches that are great for watching the sunset. Across Sirijit Road from the main riverfront area, the large Sirichit Park is divided into two areas outfitted with playgrounds, exercise equipment, tennis and basketball courts, and walkways suitable for a jog. Each ... Read more about Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront .

Khlong Lan National Park
Around 60km from Kamphaeng Phet
T: (055) 766 022

Spread over 300 square kilometres on the west side of Kamphaeng Phet province, Khlong Lan National Park is best known for a breathtaking 100-metre-high waterfall. ... Read more about Khlong Lan National Park .

Mae Wong National Park
Around 20 km south of Khlong Lan village
T: (081) 881 4729

Around 20 kilometres further south past Khlong Lan village, Route 1117 ends at Mae Wong National Park -- not to be confused with Mae Wang National Park in Chiang Mai province. A remote 894 square kilometres of pristine forest that stretches all the way south into Nakhon Sawan province and west to Tak’s Umphang district, Mae Wong is worth the effort if you want to get way out into the ... Read more about Mae Wong National Park .

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