Photo: Corn hung to dry in a village outside Lampang.

Things to see and do

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang
20 southwest of Lampang town

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is one of the most spectacular wats in Thailand. Set atop a small hill around 20km from Lampang town, it dates back to 1486 and is believed to be one of the oldest wooden buildings in Thailand. The central viharn is open-sided and held up by two rows of massive teak pillars. The murals within remain in reasonably good nick and tell stories from court life. The wat ... Read more about Wat Phra That Lampang Luang .

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Walking tour of Lampang's old city

Our starting point for this walking tour of Lampang’s old town is Ratsadapisek bridge, which takes you across the Wang from the eastern end of Talaad Kao Road. It’s hard to believe now but when it was originally constructed in 1894, this bridge was supposedly the longest in Thailand. It has fallen down several times since — apparently floating teak logs down the river tended to destabilise ... Read more about Walking tour of Lampang's old city .

Wat Phrakaewdontao
Wat Phrakaew Rd, Lampang

Home to a large gold-covered stupa, this attractive wat is set on a slight rise and surrounded by fish ponds. It probably originally dates from the Haripunchai era and is one of several Thai temples to have been an earlier home of the Emerald Buddha, of Bangkok’s Wat Phra Kaew fame. Further prestige is added to the wat due to the stupa reportedly containing one of Buddha’s hairs. There’s a ... Read more about Wat Phrakaewdontao .

Wat Chedi Sao Lang
Around 5km northeast of downtown Lampang

Sao means 20 in the northern Thai dialect and sure enough here you’ll find 20 medium-sized chedis in an open setting. They’re a mix of Burmese and Lanna styles and there is a small temple on site as well with a Chiang Saen-style Buddha image. A sign says one can assume they are over one thousand years old, on account of votive tablets from the Haripunjaya period unearthed by villagers here. ... Read more about Wat Chedi Sao Lang .

Wat Sri Chum
Sri Chum Rd, Lampang

Wat Sri Chum is the largest Burmese-style wat in Thailand and until a tragic fire in 1992 was considered to be the most impressive one of its kind in the kingdom. Construction of the original wat began in 1897; following the 1992 fire a large reconstruction was undertaken. According to a billboard at the temple, it was rumoured the fire was caused by a monk accidentally placing his blanket ... Read more about Wat Sri Chum .

Other temples in Lampang

Aside from the main temples, Lampang is home to an array of attractive minor temples worth a stop for those interested in Buddhist architecture. Wat Chiangrai: An ornate little temple with mirrored tiles stuck to white painted walls, this wat recalls Chiang Rai’s famous Wat Rom Klao or White Temple. It’s worth a photo if you’re passing by - it’s found on the short stretch between the ... Read more about Other temples in Lampang .

Bhumi Lakhon Museum
Chatchai Rd, Lampang
T: (053) 237 237

The new and very worthy museum on the main roundabout almost next door to the tourist office has unfortunately omitted to put up an English language sign. It’s the large white building on the corner of Thakrao Noi and Chatchai Roads though, and we certainly recommend a look. A rather dull exhibition downstairs showcases what look like primary school art projects but the permanent Lampang ... Read more about Bhumi Lakhon Museum .

Baan Sao Nak
6 Ratwattana Rd, Lampang
T: (054) 227 653

An impressive teak house set a short walk north of the river that bisects Lampang, Baan Sao Nak is more than 100 years old -- it was constructed during the reign of King Rama V -- and demonstrates both northern Thai and Burmese influences in its design. Baan Sao Nak means house of many pillars, which seems like a fair label for the place given the roof is supported by some 116 teak columns -- ... Read more about Baan Sao Nak .

No pic at the moment -- Sorry!
177 Moo 12 Ban Kelangton, Kanmuang Rd, Lampang
T: (054) 313 128

If there is one thing you must do while in Lampang, it’s making the trek out here for a herbal massage and steam. Located within the Lampang Medicinal Plants Conservation Assembly, there is a huge range of massages available and the steam booths are excellent. Do be careful to regulate the temperature carefully as otherwise you’ll only last 30 seconds. Prices are reasonable and the standard ... Read more about Herbal steam and massage .

Markets in Lampang town

Lampang’s not overly blessed with markets and the main city centre one, Talaat Rassada, just across the old Ratsadapisek Bridge, is barely worth a peek unless you happen to be passing by. Talaat Kao Jao, slightly out of the centre just by the railway station, is often livelier, especially morning times, plus there’s some good rice and noodle stalls down that way. Much more interesting ... Read more about Markets in Lampang town .

Wang Kaeo Waterfall
24km from Wang Neua

This picturesque waterfall lies at the end of 24-kilometre route 1303, which runs north from the small town of Wang Neua. It’s quite a long trip, but the multiple-level limestone falls are lovely and the setting is relaxing and peaceful, making it a good place to bring a packed lunch. The waterfall is within the confines of Doi Luang National Park, though this entrance road is a dead end, so ... Read more about Wang Kaeo Waterfall .

Than Thong Waterfall

You’re certainly not going to travel across the country to experience Than Thong Waterfall, but if you’re making your own way between Lampang and Phayao, it makes for a comfortable spot to break the ride (or drive). This is one of Lampang’s more easily visited waterfalls, as Than Thong runs off a cliff right beside the road. A couple of food stalls at the base offer pleasant enough spots for ... Read more about Than Thong Waterfall .

The Khun Tan Loop

Travelling to northern Thailand you may well have heard of the Mae Hong Son or even Mae Salong loops but here’s a new one to try: the Khun Tan Loop, with spectacular scenery and interesting sights ... Read more about The Khun Tan Loop .

The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre
Km 28-29 Lampang-Chiang Mai Highway
T: (054) 829 333

There are pros and cons of visiting elephants in the tourist trade, but if you have decided to head to one of north Thailand’s camps for a show and or elephant ride, then Lampang province’s option, the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, is certainly one of the better ones we’ve come ... Read more about The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre .

Lampang Elephant Hospital

If you’d like to get up close to some Asian elephants, learn more about pachyderms and even contribute to the animals’ welfare — but would prefer to avoid visiting one of North Thailand’s numerous elephant camps and shows — then Lampang’s famous elephant hospital might be the spot for ... Read more about Lampang Elephant Hospital .

Thung Kwiang Market

Also on Route 11 around 25 kilometres north of Lampang is huge Thung Kwiang Market. Formerly notorious as a ‘jungle market’ Thung Kwiang’s cleaned up its act and concentrates on local produce and One Tambon One Product items rather than endangered wildlife. So you’ll find plenty of fried insects, north Thai chilli dips, sausages, pork scratchings and so on as well as several coffee shops ... Read more about Thung Kwiang Market .

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