Photo: Seated Buddha at Si Satchanalai.

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Historic attractions

Ruins of Si Satchanalai and Chaliang

The ruins of Si Satchanalai and Chaliang include a central historical park along with a couple of outlying archaeological sites and related attractions set near tranquil villages. While not quite as impressive as the ruins found in Sukhothai, Si Satch’s ruins can make for a more rewarding experience thanks to a quieter and more intimate atmosphere. Read on to make the most of ... Read more about Ruins of Si Satchanalai and Chaliang .

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Si Satchanalai Historical Park

Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo

The centrepiece of Si Satchanalai, Wat Chedi Cet Thaeo boasts an impressive collection of Buddha images and chedis crafted in at least five different artistic styles, making it quite unlike any other site from the Sukhothai kingdom, and the cremated remains of Sukhothai royalty may have been enshrined here. ... Read more about Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo .

Wat Chang Lom

A well-preserved Sri Lankan-style bell-shaped chedi towers at Wat Chang Lom, surrounded by what’s left of the 39 elephant statues that give the temple its name. Stretching on all four sides, the elephants are much larger than the pachyderm sculptures found at other temples in the Sukhothai realm, including Wat Chang Rob in Kamphaeng Phet and another Wat Chang Lom in Sukhothai. Some have ... Read more about Wat Chang Lom .

Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng and Wat Khao Suwan Khiri

The ancient chedis of Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng and Wat Khao Suwan Khiri reach from the top of a pair of forested hills and can be seen from all over the historical park. ... Read more about Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng and Wat Khao Suwan Khiri .

Wat Phaya Dam

Wat Phaya Dam is one of several sites found to the west of the city walls and outside of the central historical park area off Highway 1201. Probably built in the late Sukhothai period, the complex features an unusual laterite mondop with a sloping roof and large reliquaries on either side. Seated and standing Buddha images were once placed inside, though faint outlines on the back walls are ... Read more about Wat Phaya Dam .

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Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

Arguably the most impressive site in Si Satchanalai, Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat is layered with Mon, Khmer and Thai religious artistry, and is today an active royal-grade Theravada Buddhist temple set at the end of an oxbow in the Yom River -- don’t let the slightly out-of-the-way location keep you from ... Read more about Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat .

Wat Chom Chuen archaeological site

An archaeological dig next to Wat Chom Chuen revealed ceramics, charcoal and 15 human skeletons dating from the 4th to 11th centuries. Excavation commenced in 1988 after bone fragments were discovered in the vicinity of Wat Chom Chuen, a site that predates the Sukhothai period. It’s thought that the people who lived here were from the Dvaravati, a Mon-speaking civilisation that first ... Read more about Wat Chom Chuen archaeological site .

Wat Chao Chan

Easily overlooked Wat Chao Chan dates from around the 12th century, as evidenced from an artistic style that clearly comes from the Bayon school of the Angkor period. The centrepiece is a large Bayon-style sanctuary made of laterite blocks. It’s the northernmost example of the architectural style perfected by Jayavarman VII, a Khmer king who added the magnificent Angkor Thom to the ancient ... Read more about Wat Chao Chan .

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Ban Ko Noi

Thuriang Kilns

Now part of the Centre for Study and Preservation of Sangkhalok Kiln, the Thuriang kilns were used to fire fine pots, vases and other ceramic products from the 13th to 16th centuries. The kilns were placed fairly far to the northwest of Si Satchanalai to keep the smoke from polluting the inner city. The area became a major production centre for ceramics that were exported to China, Japan, ... Read more about Thuriang Kilns .

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