Photo: Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai.

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Historic attractions

Overview of Sukhothai Historical Park

From the 13th to 15th centuries, Thai artists of the Sukhothai kingdom added to religious sites that were first established centuries earlier by the Mon and Khmer of Dvaravati and Lavo, resulting in fascinating layers of religious art. Drawing steady streams of travellers all year round, the ruins are now featured as part of the UNESCO-listed Sukhothai Historical Park. ... Read more about Overview of Sukhothai Historical Park .

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Hiking, walking tours and itineraries

Sukhothai in a day

It’s possible to hit all of the key sites in Sukhothai Historical Park’s central, northern and western zones -- plus a little something extra -- in a single day by bicycle. Follow our suggested route to ensure that you keep backtracking to a minimum. ... Read more about Sukhothai in a day .

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Sukhothai Historical Park: Central zone

Wat Mahathat
Sukhothai Historical Park

Once the Sukhothai kingdom’s principle royal monastery, Wat Mahathat is now one of the most impressive ancient religious sites found anywhere in Thailand. Its ruins sprawl over a large chunk of land at the heart of the historical park’s central zone. Be sure to explore slowly enough to notice the delicate details enduring in the shadows of towering chedis, prangs and Buddha images. ... Read more about Wat Mahathat .

Wat Si Sawai
Sukhothai Historic Park

Quite unlike any other site in the historical park, Wat Si Sawai was initially a Hindu sanctuary that was adapted into a Buddhist temple during the Sukhothai period. Exquisite lintels still grace parts of its three Khmer-style prangs, probably built when the Lavo (Lopburi) kingdom controlled the area as a branch of the Khmer empire. ... Read more about Wat Si Sawai .

Wat Traphang Ngoen
Sukhothai Historic Park

Wat Traphang Ngoen’s most prominent feature is a lotus-shaped chedi that’s arguably more interesting than the one found at Wat ... Read more about Wat Traphang Ngoen .

Wat Sa Si
Sukhothai Historic Park

Set on an island in the Traphang Trakuan Pond and accessible by footbridges, Wat Sa Si is one of Sukhothai’s more tranquil sites. ... Read more about Wat Sa Si .

Wat Chana Songkhram
Sukhothai Historic Park

Wat Chana Songkhram’s bell-shaped chedi is one of the largest in Sukhothai. Originally known as Wat Ratchaburana, the monastery’s name was changed to Victory Temple at some point, though it’s not known exactly which victory prompted the switch. The central feature is a Sri Lankan-style bell-shaped chedi with an imposing stature of the sort that might honour a great military victory. ... Read more about Wat Chana Songkhram .

Wat Traphang Thong
Sukhothai Historic Park

Located just east of the historical park’s central zone, Wat Traphang Thong – or Temple of the Golden Lake – is the first worthwhile site that most visitors come across on a day of exploring the ... Read more about Wat Traphang Thong .

Ramkamhaeng National Museum

Impossible to miss while approaching the historical park from the east, the Ramkamhaeng National Museum contains a strong collection of artifacts discovered in Sukhothai and related sites. Several models and English info boards will help to put the ruins into context. The museum’s main building begins with old photos of the ruins before restoration work began in the 1950s, followed by a ... Read more about Ramkamhaeng National Museum .

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Sukhothai Historical Park: Northern zone

Wat Si Chum
Sukhothai Historic Park

One of Sukhothai’s most magnificent sites, Wat Si Chum houses a massive seated Buddha image with a set of gold-tapered fingers reaching towards the earth, each as tall as a full-grown ... Read more about Wat Si Chum .

Wat Phra Phai Luang
Sukhothai Historic Park

Exemplifying the evolution of religious arts in the Sukhothai area, Wat Phra Phai Luang was second only to Wat Mahathat in size and prominence during the Sukhothai period. It was also an important site centuries earlier when the Khmer empire was in charge. ... Read more about Wat Phra Phai Luang .

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Sukhothai Historical Park: Western zone

Wat Saphan Hin
Sukhothai Historic Park

Wat Saphan Hin, or Temple of the Stone Bridge, was named after a 300-metre-long slate walkway leading to a large standing Buddha that gazes back east across the ancient capital. ... Read more about Wat Saphan Hin .

Wat Khao Phra Bat Noi
Sukhothai Historic Park

While many travellers only hit Wat Saphan Hin before turning back to the busier parts of the historical park, we suggest continuing south to Wat Khao Phra Bat Noi and other peaceful sites spread over a forested ... Read more about Wat Khao Phra Bat Noi .

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Elsewhere around Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Chang Lom
Sukhothai Historical Park

Boasting 32 stucco elephant sculptures surrounding a large bell-shaped chedi, Wat Chang Lom is a minor site that’s worth a quick stop if you have the time. ... Read more about Wat Chang Lom .

Wat Chetuphon
Sukhothai Historical Park

The most notable site found in the historical park’s less-travelled southern reaches, the ruins of Wat Chetuphon blend into a quiet village of the same name. ... Read more about Wat Chetuphon .

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Wat Tham Phra Mae Ya

Fronted by sugarcane fields and backed by the Khao Luang range in a remote corner of Sukhothai, Wat Tham Phra Mae Ya is a cave temple that makes for an unusual break from the ruins. ... Read more about Wat Tham Phra Mae Ya .

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National parks

Ramkamhaeng National Park

Covering 340 square kilometres of the Khao Luang mountain range, Ramkamhaeng National Park stretches to the southwest of Old Sukhothai and includes hiking trails, viewpoints, waterfalls and a mountaintop campsite. If you’re tired of the ruins, here’s your dose of nature. Not to be confused with a mountain range of the same name in Southern Thailand’s Nakhon Si Thammarat, Sukhothai’s ... Read more about Ramkamhaeng National Park .

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General activities

Bicycle Tours

A few different companies run cycling tours to the ruins and into the scenic countryside that stretches beyond Old Sukhothai. You can always rent a regular pushbike and explore on your own, but a tour could be worth it for the local insights and good-quality mountain bikes. The first company to offer these sorts of tours was Cycling Sukhothai and it remains a good option. The most popular ... Read more about Bicycle Tours .

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