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Arnoaru Rd

This shrine and Chinese temple is interesting to look at and the story behind it is even more so. In the mid 16th Century a Chinese nobleman called To Khieng whilst on a visit to Pattani fell in love with a local girl and married her. He converted to Islam, and being wealthy decided to prove his new faith by constructing a mosque (Krue Se Mosque) in his new found home. However, his sister Kor ... Read more about San Jao Leng Ju Khieng Shrine .

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Yarung Rd

This mosque is the second largest in Thailand was built in 1963 and is about five minutes from the market area so you may as well wander along and take a peak. Recently renovated, the mosque is pretty if not ... Read more about Central Mosque .

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7km out of Pattani

Located in Ban Krue Se, 7km from Pattani on the road to Narathiwat, To Khieng's famous half built mosque has stood up well to the last four centuries and, more recently to attacks by the Thai armed forces. On the evening of 27 April 2004, a group of Thai muslims came to the mosque to pray and subsequently attacked two security checkpoints nearby. After the attacks they fled back to the mosque ... Read more about Krue Se Mosque .

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3km out of town

This large park, 3km out of town from the north side of the river is popular with joggers and families. There is a small pool and a pond with pedal boats in it. On the far side of the park are some karaoke bars and food stalls where you can put the weight on before jogging it ... Read more about Suan Somdej .

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This is the most accessible beach to Pattani town. Haad Talor Kapor has two main sections; to the south it is primarily a fishing boat vilage and to the north it is for recreation and swimming. The southern section is an excellent spot to see the Kaw-Lae boats both in use and being painted. An even better spot to see them being painted however is within the confines of Talor Kapor village where ... Read more about Haad Talor Kapor .

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35km from Pattani town

Part of the namesake Sai Khao Waterfall National Park, this rather impressive waterfall merits a trip out to visit if you have some time on your hands. The 40m waterfall comes off a sheer drop and cascades down through a gorge through for about 600m before it reaches the park office. The waterfall has numerous swimming holes and is teeming with some very good-sized fish. The walk up to the falls ... Read more about Sai Khao Waterfall .

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