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Things to see and do

Khao Ok Thalu

The most dramatic of Phattalung’s many limestone massifs, Khao Ok Thalu looks like a giant shark’s fin of rock protruding from a jungle-clad body. A gaping crevasse near the roughly 250-metre peak is the highlight, while a second trail filled with animated Hindu/Buddhist statuary is also worth your while. Bring water and have a plus-size breakfast — you’ll need the ... Read more about Khao Ok Thalu .

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Tham Malai

Tham Malai Cave works well with Khao Ok Thalu as part of a day of exploring the limestone crags to the northeast of town. Accessed by stairs and lit up by dim lamps at all hours, it’s an easily accessible cave that will take you deep inside the menacing rock. Steer clear if bats freak you out. The cave is deeper than it is wide, with stairs and walkways winding down amid the dark and drippy ... Read more about Tham Malai .

Wat Khuha Sawan
A 20-minute walk northwest of the market, Phatthalung

The most important temple in Phatthalung town, Wat Khuha Sawan stretches over a pair of crags with a few caves and viewpoints. The site was first used for religious ceremonies around the eighth to 10th centuries, as evidenced by Srivijaya-era votive tablets. A 19th-century engraving left by King Rama V joins the older relics. Entering the temple from the north, you’ll first pass a limestone ... Read more about Wat Khuha Sawan .

Ban Lam Pan
8 km east of Phattalung train station in Phattalung on Aphaiborirak Rd/Route 4047.

Now a sedate village set along the western shore of Thale Sap, Baan Lam Pam served as Phattalung’s administrative centre prior to the 20th century. Locals come to relax by the lake while a handful of travellers explore centuries-old palaces and an exquisite temple. Hitting Lam Pam in the morning and Khao Ok Thalu in the afternoon is a great way to go if you have only one day in ... Read more about Ban Lam Pan .

Thale Noi Waterbird Sanctuary
32km north of Phattalung

Supporting more than 180 species of local and migratory waterbirds and protected under the international Ramsar wetlands preservation treaty, Thale Noi is Thailand’s largest waterfowl reserve. Birdwatchers are joined by flora enthusiasts looking to glide through pink waterlilies that bloom by the thousands. Locals weave grass mats and fish off stilted platforms, adding splashes of culture to ... Read more about Thale Noi Waterbird Sanctuary .

The Khao Chaison loop
30km south of Phattalung

Monkeys, hot springs, temples, curry paste and shadow puppets are some of the draws of Baan Khao Chaison and Bang Kaeo, a pair of small towns located south of Phattalung along the railroad tracks. None of the individual attractions will knock your socks off, but they combine for some unusual experiences along with glimpses of rural Southern Thai ... Read more about The Khao Chaison loop .

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