Photo: Northern end of Ao Khao Kwai.

Things to see and do

General activities on Ko Phayam

Sand flies can be a problem as can minute stinging jellyfish larvae in the water; just how bad the stingers are varies from day to day and from beach to beach though. The water around Ko Phayam contains a lot of silt which means visibility is very poor; it's definitely not a good place to go snorkelling. On the rare days when you can see further than your feet it's possible to spot quite a ... Read more about General activities on Ko Phayam .

Ao Yai

Two sealed roads lead here. The first signed turn off to Ao Yai that you see just after leaving the village is the old road. This road is less frequently used and is often in poor repair but it's handy for getting to resorts at the southern end of the beach. The other road to Ao Yai starts at the school crossroads and takes you to more or less the centre of the beach. The majority of resorts ... Read more about Ao Yai .

Ao Kwai

It is roughly the same size as Ao Yai in total length but is split into two very distinct beaches by a third, rocky middle section. The northern part of Ao Kwai is a mixture of sand and rocks and the water here is always deep enough for swimming. There is some (mostly dead) coral a few hundred metres offshore at the northern end and around the headland but visibility is usually very poor. ... Read more about Ao Kwai .

Ao Kwang Peeb AKA Monkey Beach

This gorgeous small curving bay backed by jungle with a reef just offshore used to be accessible only by boat or on foot on a narrow track through the jungle but there's now a fairly large dirt road allowing motorbike access to the resort there. Ao Kwang Peeb Resort somehow got permission to build in what was a (supposedly) strictly protected national park area. Large swathes of formerly ... Read more about Ao Kwang Peeb AKA Monkey Beach .

Where to next?

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