Photo: Plenty of rubber in Ranong.

Things to see and do

Rattanarangsan Palace

Standing high atop a hill in the centre of Ranong town, Rattanarangsan Palace (or Throne Hall) was completed in 2015 as a replica of a structure originally built in the same place to accommodate King Chulalongkorn during his 1890 tour of the Malay Peninsula. Also featuring on Ranong’s provincial seal, it’s worth a look during a stroll through town. Opened as a museum in 2016, the ... Read more about Rattanarangsan Palace .

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Raksawarin Hot Springs
A few hundred m off Phet Kasem Rd

Raksawarin Hot Springs is probably the most popular attraction in the immediate vicinity of Ranong town, attracting both Thai and foreign visitors who can dip their feet into public pools, splash out for a luxury dip or simply relax beside the clear Phoemphon River. The springs have arguably been overdeveloped, with lots of concrete terraces, car parks and private businesses charging ... Read more about Raksawarin Hot Springs .

Ngao Waterfall National Park
Around 13km south of Ranong
T: (077) 848 181

While on a boat heading towards Ranong town from Ko Phayam or Ko Chang Noi, you might notice a stripe of white across one of the steep inland cliffs several kilometres away. That would be the upper tiers of Ngao Waterfall, the namesake attraction of a national park that also includes hot springs, viewpoints and ... Read more about Ngao Waterfall National Park .

Punyaban Waterfall
16km north of Ranong

Located 16 kilometres north of town, the refreshing Punyaban Waterfall is easy to access thanks to a location right next to Route 4. Clear mountain water cascades down a steep 20-metre cliff into a few pools that are suitable for wading, but not the backstroke. Kids can slide down small slopes that are like mini waterslides towards the bottom. While locals flock here on weekends and holidays, ... Read more about Punyaban Waterfall .

Ranong Canyon

Located down a scenic, winding road to the east of town, Ranong Canyon’s steep cliffs rim a serene emerald lake with loads of fish. ... Read more about Ranong Canyon .

Snorkeling and diving

At first glance Ranong won’t strike you as a scuba diving and snorkelling destination, but a handful of operators have taken advantage of the town’s strategic location within striking distance of some stunning seascapes. Snorkeling Most of the snorkeling within Ranong province takes place off the white-sand shores of islands that are part of Laem Son National Marine Park, headquartered ... Read more about Snorkeling and diving .

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Experience the Andaman Sea
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