Photo: A quiet moment in Ngao national park.

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Ngao Waterfall National Park
12km south of Ranong
T: (077) 848 181

When most people think of Thailand they think beaches, nightlife, spicy food, and historic temples. One of the pleasant surprises after arriving, however, are the country’s numerous national parks. From the mountains of the north to the islands in the deep south, every corner of the country has a national park or two, and with no less than a total of 102, Thailand’s national parks are equal ... Read more about Ngao Waterfall National Park .

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9km south of Ranong
T: (077) 862 103

Far larger and more elaborate than Rahsawarin hot springs in Ranong town, the springs of Porn Rang are spread over a relatively vast area and include over a dozen different pools of varying temperatures, some completely natural and others that have been built into man made pools with ladders and all. The grounds are filled with flowers and small bridges, and it's an exceptionally picturesque ... Read more about Porn Rang Hot Springs at Ngao National Park .

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A few hundred m off Phet Kasem Rd

There is a small but scenic park surrounding the hot springs, and an ominous looking round pool of scorching water that steams out of a natural basin with yellow and orange minerals. Nearby there's also a man made pool style hot springs that pumps water from the natural springs that's maintained by Tinidee hotel and requires a 60B fee to enter. There is also a nearby spa and some good local ... Read more about Rahsawarin Hot Springs .

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The park was given Royal decree in 1983 and is Thailand's 12th National Marine Park. Its coast is primarily dense mangroves thus many of its beaches are mainly mudflats, though there are some nice beaches around the National Park office 10 km north of Kapoe and 45 km south of Ranong. Hat Bang Ben is a sandy beach by the National Park headquarters and Laem Son Beach is another lovely beach 4 ... Read more about Laem Son National Park .

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Set on a hill to the north-west of the city is a tomb of Ranong's first prince/governor, Damrong Sujarit Mahisondakdi. The prince died in 1882 and nearby the tomb is a hall with five marble Buddha statues and temple decorated with Burmese art. Just past the police station on Ruangrat Rd lies the ruins of the prince's house. Finally there's Nai Khai Ranong, which liesabout 1 km south past the ... Read more about Historical sites in Ranong .

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The lake was once an old mine and has filled with rain and ground water that reflects the colour of the surrounding jungle and cliffs in brilliant emerald green. It's a very peaceful place, perfect for a picnic lunch, and there are some outstanding photography opportunities to be found. To get here you can take a motorcycle taxi for around 200B both ways, or rent a moped for yourself. Like ... Read more about Ranong Canyon .

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