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In recent years, many of the trees that once covered eastern Ko Lipe were leveled to make way for an ever-increasing number of concrete structures. Fortunately, Lipe’s rugged western peninsula remains largely untouched, revealing little-known viewpoints and an undeveloped beach to those who don’t mind a bit of bushwhacking. Where there’s a patch of island jungle, there’s a Travelfish ... Read more about Exploring Ko Lipe's western peninsula .

The changing face of Ko Lipe

It couldn't have stayed obscure forever. Ko Lipe has officially joined the ranks of Thailand's most popular islands thanks to brilliant beaches and seascapes to rival the Maldives. Once tricky to reach due to a far-flung location, the tiny yet increasingly busy island is now served by a fleet of speedboats from multiple directions. It's a tried-and-true recipe for hordes of high-season ... Read more about The changing face of Ko Lipe .

Boat trip to Ko Hin Ngam, Ko Rawi and Ko Adang

Part of what makes Ko Lipe so enticing is that while it offers comfy accommodation, 24-hour electricity and a wide selection of food, it’s also surrounded by several pristine national park islands. A boat trip to Ko Hin Ngam, Ko Rawi and Ko Adang sprinkles a bit of nature, adventure and perhaps an evil curse or wish-come-true on to that beach ... Read more about Boat trip to Ko Hin Ngam, Ko Rawi and Ko Adang .

Diving on Ko Lipe

Diving is big business on Ko Lipe, with at least 10 operations offering everything from casual half-day dives to PADI certification in a wide range of languages. During high season, boats go out daily for spectacular local dive sites like Eight Mile Rock, Stonehenge and Ko Lantcha. More distant sites like Hin Daeng and Ko Haa can be reached on the multi-day live-aboard trips offered by Forra ... Read more about Diving on Ko Lipe .

Boat tours, snorkelling and kayaking

Package snorkelling and other boat tours can be booked practically everywhere you look on Lipe, and arranging a private boat trip is usually a simple matter of chatting up the longtail drivers or asking your resort for help. Most package tours use longtail boats to cruise up to 12 people around some combination of the many islands and snorkelling sites of the Adang archipelago. A handful of ... Read more about Boat tours, snorkelling and kayaking .

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