Photo: Looking over Than Sadet.

Ko Pha Ngan is so big, we’ve split it up into areas, select one of the below for detailed accommodation and food listings in that area. Sights and general overviews for Ko Pha Ngan as a whole can be found via the icons above. Don’t know where to start? Read an overview of Ko Pha Ngan’s different areas.

Things to see and do

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Diving and snorkeling Ko Pha Ngan has a smaller, but no less active dive scene than the underwater mecca to the north, Ko Tao. Schools here offer trips to some of the Gulf's most popular dive sites of Sail Rock and the Southwest Pinnacle, which lie roughly halfway between Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao. There are also some quality dive sites closer to Ko Pha Ngan in the waters off Ko Ma, Haad Salad ... Read more about Diving on Ko Pha Ngan .

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Certainly not most people's raison d'etre for visiting Ko Pha Ngan, but those who do take some time to explore the island's hinterland will find it full of surprises. Ko Pha Ngan's highest peak at 630m is Khao Ra and it's possible to climb up to the top in a half-day from both Chaloklum and Thong Nai Pan. There's a well-worn route through the jungle to the quiet bays of Haad Thian and Haad ... Read more about Trekking, waterfalls and mountains .

Getting fit

If you want to tone that beach bod to show off on one of Ko Pha Ngan’s many exquisite white-sand beaches, there are plenty of fun activities to do on the island that will build muscle and endurance. Here are our top picks for the best fitness activities on Ko Pha ... Read more about Getting fit .

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Full Moon Party For many travellers, a visit to Ko Pha Ngan wouldn't be complete without a night of unrestrained hedonism at the island's monthly Full Moon Party. The event has evolved from a relatively small affair in the early 1980's to become one of the world's biggest outdoor bashes, regularly attracting more than 12,000 people to the party-mecca of Haad Rin. Most of the action takes ... Read more about Parties .

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Wat Khao Tham, Ao Ban Tai, Ko Pha Ngan

Wat Khao Tham runs silent Vipassana meditation retreats on a monthly basis (along with the occasional longer 14- and 21- day retreats) from a Buddhist temple in the hills behind Ban Tai on the south coast of Ko Pha Ngan. The Vipassana meditation courses are suitable both for both complete novices and the more experienced practitioner. They actually run for a ten day stretch (with a ... Read more about Meditation retreat at Wat Khao Tham .

Saturday Walking Street Market
Chinese St/Walking St/Talad Kao, Thong Sala

In Thong Sala, the main town on Ko Pha Ngan where the pier is, a Saturday walking street market pops up, well, every Saturday, with a relaxed vibe and stalls selling a range of items, including plenty of local ... Read more about Saturday Walking Street Market .

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Apnea Total, north end of Haad Sairee
T: (08) 4878 6269

It's ideal for snorkellers who don't fancy tangling with all that equipment. Learn to hold your breath and dive to 40 metres. Monica and Eusebio are internationally recognised freedive instructors with great experience and they will teach you the concepts involved, aiming to increase your breath hold time to as much as three minutes. Courses range from one to three days and start at 2,500 ... Read more about Free Diving .

Games and sport on Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan may well be best known for its parties — the Full Moon, Half Moon, Black Moon and Shiva Moon, just for starters — but fun, sporty activities are also available for those not so keen on glow paint and Sangsom buckets. Here are a ... Read more about Games and sport on Ko Pha Ngan .

Boat trips

The only way to explore the islands dotting the sparkling ocean that surrounds Ko Pha Ngan is by boat. You can get to Ang Thong National Marine Park from here, do a spot of fishing or simply explore the more difficult to find beaches on Ko Pha Ngan itself, such as Bottle Beach and Haad ... Read more about Boat trips .

Thai massage

So you made it to Ko Pha Ngan, and after a few days of doing nothing but lying on the soft, white sand beaches with a cocktail in hand, it’s time to try something even more indulgent: a Thai massage. But you want something special, something that will melt away each and every knot in your body. Correct? Well read on to find the place that’ll suit you ... Read more about Thai massage .


Ko Pha Ngan’s spiritual pull draws yogis from all corners of the world to its pristine shores. Where are the best classes on the island, and what’s involved? Here’s our pick of the island’s top yoga schools, so that you can easily choose which one is best for you and your ... Read more about Yoga .


Ko Pha Ngan is a great place to go for a drive, and many travellers enjoy doing a (semi-) perimeter of the island (roads on the east coast are not yet accessible) to check out its off-the-beach beauty. The island’s steep, hilly terrain not only makes for a thrilling ride, but also allows for some incredible panoramic views. Here are our top recommendations for must-visit viewpoints on Ko Pha ... Read more about Viewpoints .

Clothes and accessories shopping

To be honest, compared to neighbouring Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan’s selection of clothes shops isn’t tremendous. Still, the island does boast a few colourful outlets that sell party and yoga clothes, handmade leather accessories, local designer T-shirts, and more. Here are our top picks for must-visit clothes and accessories shops on Ko Pha ... Read more about Clothes and accessories shopping .

Khao Ra

Khao Ra is the highest point on Ko Pha Ngan. Located near the centre of the island, it affords the best view on the island. The trail to get there is difficult to find, and with the return journey taking at least two hours, it’s not for the faint-of-heart. But if you’re keen to go, here’s what you need to ... Read more about Khao Ra .

Home of Healing Arts
T: (087) 895 0136

From the face of it, Home of Healing Arts, opposite Agama Yoga in Seetanu, could be anything. The owner, Jan, likes it that way. “I believe the people who come here are meant to come here,” he tells ... Read more about Home of Healing Arts .

Lake Hut
84/32 Moo 8, Seethanu, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (089) 730 0081

Those looking for some daytime entertainment on Ko Pha Ngan should head to Lake Hut to check out the Wipeout course. This fun water adventure park in Seetanu provides fun for all ages, with its intricate obstacle course floating on Laem Son lake, which was once a tin ... Read more about Lake Hut .

The PhanganProject
44/65 Moo 1 Thong Sala
T: (66) 7737 7068-9

Years ago, His Majesty the King of Thailand declared Ko Pha Ngan to be a part of an organic island movement; that is, he asked Thai people to promote eco-friendly, organic activities on the island. The idea is honourable and ambitious, but unfortunately, until recently, besides a few organic farms that have slowly taken shape on the island, not much has been done to move forward with it. Enter ... Read more about The PhanganProject .

Best day guest pools on Ko Pha Ngan

If you’re traveling on a tight budget, pool villas don’t tend to make the cut. But on Ko Pha Ngan, plenty of pools are available for outside guest use, so long as you buy a drink or meal in between dips. After all, sometimes the sun gets too much and the tepid sea water doesn’t cool you down enough, right? We’ve rounded up the best free (or almost free) pools on the island so that you can ... Read more about Best day guest pools on Ko Pha Ngan .

Best spots for a picnic on Ko Pha Ngan

Sometimes when you’re travelling, you just want a meal on your own — you want the freedom of choosing your own ingredients, putting it all together and savouring it in the lovely setting of your choice. The key to a good picnic can be finding just the right spot (well, good food and company help too, but that’s up to you). So we’ve put together a list of Ko Pha Ngan’s best spots for a ... Read more about Best spots for a picnic on Ko Pha Ngan .

Best backpacker bars on Ko Pha Ngan

If you’re like many backpackers on Ko Pha Ngan, you came to the island to experience one or more of its parties. But parties from the Full Moon, to Jungle Experience, to Black Moon, don’t get started until around 23:00 — what’s a traveller to do in the transition period between dinner and the party? Why, head to a bar that caters specifically to those looking to get the party started a ... Read more about Best backpacker bars on Ko Pha Ngan .

Where to watch the best sunsets on Ko Pha Ngan

There’s nothing like watching the perfect sunset at the end of a perfect beach day. On Ko Pha Ngan, there are all kinds of spots to watch that fiery golden ball sink into the waters, but we do have our favourites. Here are our picks for Ko Pha Ngan’s best sunset ... Read more about Where to watch the best sunsets on Ko Pha Ngan .

New and used book stores on Ko Pha Ngan

If you’ve just arrived on Ko Pha Ngan and you’re in need of a good beach read, you’ll be pleased to hear that the island is home to quite a few book shops, selling both new and used books, where you should be able to find a treasure or two to keep you happily swinging in a hammock for ... Read more about New and used book stores on Ko Pha Ngan .

The Yoga Retreat
65/4 Moo 8, Ko Phangan
T: (087) 273 9812

Ko Pha Ngan is well-known for its yoga centres. Yogis flock to the island from all over the world to do retreats, detoxes and generally find their spiritual selves. A few centres stand out in particular on the island as being top-notch, and one of them is the Yoga Retreat, in Haad Salad, on the west coast of Ko Pha ... Read more about The Yoga Retreat .

Ko Pha Ngan 7-day detox:Colonic fast

I burst into bitter tears the evening we arrive, a day of eating raw food behind me. I want a hot shower, a pina colada at sunset and white-linen sheets to snooze under -- a blissful week of indulgence. But the bathroom door is jammed open to the menacing jungle, a toad hopping by is eyeing me as I douse myself in cold water and I won't be eating solid food for the next seven ... Read more about Ko Pha Ngan 7-day detox:Colonic fast .

Ko Pha Ngan's best beaches in 2013

Ko Pha Ngan is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, with turquoise waves lapping on powder-white sand. With 32 beaches in total, some without proper roads to reach them, it's possible to find your own little piece of paradise not overrun with other travellers – you just need to know what you're looking for. We took a stab at this back in 2005, but the island has grown up ... Read more about Ko Pha Ngan's best beaches in 2013 .

Thailand's Full Moon Party

It's around 02:00 at Greenpeace Restaurant in the heart of Ko Pha Ngan's Full Moon Party and Nat is up at the counter trying to pay the bill for our ... Read more about Thailand's Full Moon Party .

What's a good beach on Ko Pha Ngan?

With a rapidly developing range of accommodation from ultra-basic thatch bungalows for 80B a night through to totally decadent luxury suites for 5,000B a night, Ko Pha Ngan truly offers something for everyone. If the choice doesn't leave you floundering to make a decision, you'll also have to choose the atmosphere you like best for a holiday: there's well over a dozen beaches with characters ... Read more about What's a good beach on Ko Pha Ngan? .

Where to next?

Where are you planning on heading to after Ko Pha Ngan? Here are some spots commonly visited from here, or click here to see a full destination list for Thailand.

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