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What's a good beach on Ko Pha Ngan?

With a rapidly developing range of accommodation from ultra-basic thatch bungalows for 200 baht a night through to totally decadent luxury suites for 15,000 baht a night, Ko Pha Ngan truly offers something for everyone. ... Read more about What's a good beach on Ko Pha Ngan? .

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Thailand's Full Moon Party

It’s around 02:00 at Greenpeace Restaurant in the heart of Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party and Nat is up at the counter trying to pay the bill for our table. “What did you have? We have no idea what you had,” says one of the Burmese staff “Just pay me whatever you think is right.” He’s distracted, busy trying to deal with a Western guy who is covered in his own faeces, so Nat passes ... Read more about Thailand's Full Moon Party .

Wat Kow Tahm
Wat Kow Tahm is located a couple of kilometres inland down a signposted lane that begins in the centre of Baan Tai village.
T: (083) 593 3597

The simple cottages, facilities and religious buildings at Wat Kow Tahm are spread over a tree-lined piece of land that tumbles down to wide boulders affording views across much of Pha Ngan’s south coast and beyond. While the vista is worth a quick trip up here, the temple is primarily a venue for meditation retreats conducted by English-language instructors. ... Read more about Wat Kow Tahm .

Boat trips

As Ko Pha Ngan has (so-far) dodged the airport bullet, the only way to get to and from the island is by boat, and while regular ferries ply the standard commuter legs, there are a few options for other boat trips that tend to be far more fun than a night boat to Surat ... Read more about Boat trips .

Diving on Ko Pha Ngan

While neighbouring Ko Tao gets most of the attention when it comes to diving and learning to dive, it is possible – and perhaps a good idea – to use Ko Pha Ngan instead. There are a number of reasons for this, but first and foremost using Ko Pha Ngan as a base will almost certainly mean smaller groups and, at least when diving the sites close to Ko Pha Ngan, less crowding underwater. While ... Read more about Diving on Ko Pha Ngan .


Ko Pha Ngan is a fair-sized island and is no slouch when it comes to viewpoints, some of which have no facilities at all, others that are fully equipped bars, in one case even with a swimming pool! ... Read more about Viewpoints .

Khao Ra

At just 627 metres in altitude, the highest point on Ko Pha Ngan isn’t really all that high – you’re certainly not going to risk altitude sickness – but the views are great and climbing to the summit of Khao Ra makes for a fun half-day off-beach ... Read more about Khao Ra .

A 7-day detox on Ko Pha Ngan

I burst into bitter tears the evening we arrive, a day of eating raw food behind me. I want a hot shower, a pina colada at sunset and white-linen sheets to snooze under – a blissful week of indulgence. But the bathroom door is jammed open to the menacing jungle, a toad hopping by is eyeing me as I douse myself in cold water and I won’t be eating solid food for the next seven ... Read more about A 7-day detox on Ko Pha Ngan .

Where to do yoga on Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan’s spiritual pull draws yogis from all corners of the world to its pristine shores but where are the best classes on the island, and what’s involved? Here’s a selection of a few yoga schools and locations worth considering, so that you can easily choose which one is best for you and your schedule. Perched on a hillside overlooking thick jungle and set back about one kilometre from ... Read more about Where to do yoga on Ko Pha Ngan .

Off beach activities on Ko Pha Ngan

While Ko Pha Ngan is best known for its Full Moon Party and gorgeous beaches, there are a few off the beach attractions that may also be worth a peak. All this laying around on the beach can be exhaustive and what better way to recover than with a one- or two-hour massage? You’ll find massage salas on many of Ko Pha Ngan’s west coast beaches – Haad Salad in particular is over run with them ... Read more about Off beach activities on Ko Pha Ngan .

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