Photo: A bit of grazing before the boat ride.

Things to see and do

Boat ride in the Tapi river delta
Riverfront, Surat Thani

Cross the Tapi River from Surat Thani’s urban congestion and you’ll be swept into a lush, rural landscape defined by tropical flowers, dragonflies, coconut orchards, palms and reeds that often stand taller than the humble stilted houses. From the Bandon pier in Surat city, it’s possible to arrange a boat trip into the picturesque Tapi delta, known locally as Nai ... Read more about Boat ride in the Tapi river delta .

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Wat Sai
Between Bandon and Namuang Rds, just west of Soi Tonpo, Surat Thani

Hidden away in the middle of Surat’s old town, Wat Sai is a small but atmospheric Thai-style temple featuring a wooden wihaan with impressive carvings and some quirky bits inside. While not a major attraction, it’s well worth a stop as you explore the Ban Don ... Read more about Wat Sai .

Ko Lamphu

A small riverine island that’s easily reached on foot from downtown Surat, Ko Lamphu is also a public park with a more scenic setting than most. Just under a kilometre long and about half a kilometre across, the island is perfect for a morning or evening jog or an afternoon picnic. Motorised traffic is not allowed beyond the car park, and a walkway leads past several riverside pavilions ... Read more about Ko Lamphu .

Chaiya and Baan Phumriang

Home to prehistoric people 6,500 years ago and a major trading port as early as the fifth century CE, Chaiya district is the cultural and historical heart of Surat Thani province. Travellers looking for ancient ruins, intriguing temples, traditional silk-weaving workshops and maybe even a splash in the Gulf of Thailand will be rewarded by a day trip to Chaiya and the seaside village of Baan ... Read more about Chaiya and Baan Phumriang .

Wat Suan Mokkh
Chaiya, Surat Thani
T: (077) 43 1552

Wat Suan Mokkhaphalarama, “Temple of the Garden of Liberation” or Suan Mokkh for short, was founded in 1932 by Bhuddhadasa Bhikkhu, a native of nearby Baan Phumriang who became one of the world’s most influential Buddhist thinkers by the time of his death in 1993. The forest monastery and related international meditation hermitage continue to propound Buddhadasa’s progressive teachings ... Read more about Wat Suan Mokkh .

Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya
1.5 kilometres west of the Chaiya Railway Station

Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya stands as the most elaborate example of Srivijaya influence remaining in Thailand today. Built around an eye-catching Javanese-style chedi, the site is thought to have been established when Chaiya was an important regional centre of the Srivijaya kingdom around the eighth century CE. Today the chedi features on the Surat Thani provincial symbol and is mimicked by the ... Read more about Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya .

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