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Two days in Can Tho

No trip to the south of Vietnam is complete without a stop in the Mekong Delta and the usual destination is Can Tho. Though primarily known for its vibrant floating markets, it has enough to see to keep you occupied for a little longer. Here’s how we’d suggest spending two ... Read more about Two days in Can Tho .

A Weekend in Can Tho

Known for its university, floating market, and interesting old architecture, this deceivingly-small looking city of more than a million boasts vibrant youth culture, tasty South Vietnamese food, and interesting and interested locals eager to engage with ... Read more about A Weekend in Can Tho .

Floating market boat tours
Hai Ba Trung, Can Tho
T: (09) 3987 1001

Touring a floating market in the Mekong Delta is a box that many travellers to Saigon wish to check, and none are bigger, or more popular than Can Tho’s Cai Rang Floating Market. Here’s what to expect on a basic tour of the ... Read more about Floating market boat tours .

Can Tho Night Market
Between Nguyen An Ninh and Vo Van Tan on Hai Ba Trung

This market on Hai Ba Trung runs the span of two blocks and is a great spot to check out local Can Tho life. Just on Hai Ba Trung is the rather touristy Cho Can Tho which is housed in an impressive trapezoidal building. Once inside, you’ll find overpriced knick-knacks that you can find in most tourists shops throughout the Mekong. If you are into street food, Phan Chu Trinh is the goods. ... Read more about Can Tho Night Market .

Buu Tri Pagoda
67 Mau Than

This pagoda is located about five kilometres from the city centre and is housed in a square four-storey structure. The entrance is dominated by ornate tiling and a wooden sitting Buddha. While this part emanates spirituality, throwing off the ambiance a bit is the rather gaudy chandelier hanging just before the Buddha. The pagoda also houses an orphanage so don’t be surprised if you have an ... Read more about Buu Tri Pagoda .

Quang Duc Pagoda
146 Mau Than

Located just a kilometre from downtown, this tranquil pagoda was renovated in 2012 and maintains a rather shiny appearance. Ornate wooden doors on the ground floor open to an ornate front room that has a golden sitting Buddha flanked by flowers. Around the grounds are the monks’ quarters and a little shop that sells trinkets and incense sticks. Sadly, the pagoda is located close to the street ... Read more about Quang Duc Pagoda .

Phat Hoc Pagoda
100 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Can Tho

This immense building dominates the corner of Hoa Binh and Nguyen Thai Hoc -- one of the busiest intersections of Can Tho. Set on five floors, ornate stone staircases crisscross at the brown and tan building. The ground floor courtyard holds a tree festooned with red pieces of paper that wellwishers can purchase at the gift shop next door and place on the tree for good luck. Smiling monks ... Read more about Phat Hoc Pagoda .

Chua Munirensay
36 Hoa Binh, Can Tho

Across the street from Phat Hoc temple stands an interesting Khmer temple. Its bright yellows and oranges are a welcome contrast to the browns normally seen with Chinese-influenced pagodas in Vietnam. Visitors are greeted with fluttering banners strung up in the main central walkway. A central stupa dominates the grounds and is flanked by intricate busts of Nagas that form the handrails for the ... Read more about Chua Munirensay .

Can Tho Museum
1 Hoa Binh, Can Tho

While the museum was closed for renovations when we were last in town on previous visits to Can Tho we’ve found this to be well worth a stop. In the past, exhibitions covered both the wartime along with more recent social and development issues in Can Tho and the surrounding area. Note that some of the photography related to the war is particularly graphic and disturbing -- even by the ... Read more about Can Tho Museum .

Can Tho Military Museum
6 Hoa Binh, Can Tho

This bright salmon-coloured museum houses the obligatory war relics, however, these seem to be in greater disrepair than normal. On the side are rusting hulks of American- and Russian-made weapons of war. While there are numerous photos and portraits decorating the walls of the museum, there are no English translations. Head to the back of the museum to check out the two stained glass windows ... Read more about Can Tho Military Museum .

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