Photo: Entering the cave by boat.

Things to see and do

Hang En

Hang En may not be the world’s largest cave – that title goes to Hang Son Doong just three kilometres away – but a two-day, one-night trek to Hang En is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in ... Read more about Hang En .

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Son Doong Cave

There’s a place underground so large, it can fit an entire New York City block, complete with 40-storey skyscrapers. Jungles thrive deep inside, as well as towering 80-metre tall stalagmites. When news spread in 2010 about Hang Son Doong it sounded like a children’s adventure tale, too wild to be true. But it does exist. It is now the world’s largest cave and a select number of travellers ... Read more about Son Doong Cave .

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave is the best known and most popular of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, as it was the first cave to be opened to the public and the way in is pretty darn cool. Opened to tourism in 1995, Phong Nha Cave requires a boat journey from town up the Son River. Once the boat slips inside, motors are turned off and the crew paddles you into an eerie, mysterious and beautiful underground ... Read more about Phong Nha Cave .

Paradise Cave

Opened to the public in 2010, Thien Duong or Paradise Cave is 31 kilometres in length, making it the longest dry cave in Asia. The interior feels as lofty, heavenly and humbling as a grand cathedral. With vaulted ceilings rich in stalactites, it’s an exceptionally pretty cave. Travellers shouldn’t miss ... Read more about Paradise Cave .

Dark Cave (Hang Toi)

Hang Toi, more commonly known as Dark Cave, has been tweaked to appeal to adventure seekers. Despite all the added artificial frills such as arriving to the entrance via Vietnam’s longest zip-line, the main attraction is venturing into the cave with just headtorches and plunging into a narrow cavern full of thick, wonderfully gloppy, gooey mud. “Dark” may refer to the unlit cave itself or ... Read more about Dark Cave (Hang Toi) .

Bong Lai Valley

The Phong Nha region’s quaint and pretty pastoral scenery is fantastic for exploring on two wheels, be it by motorbike or sturdy mountain bike. The vast, unwaveringly flat rice fields are sharply contrasted with rolling hills and towering karst. A great ride for fresh air and countryside is through the Bong Lai Valley, which has several charming, rustic watering holes along the way. Credit ... Read more about Bong Lai Valley .

A day in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a culmination of many wondrous things: 400 million-year-old topography, peaks formed by tectonic uplift, great valleys carved by rivers and nature left alone to thrive. And don’t forget about what’s underneath: eye-popping caves including the first and third largest caves in the world. This 65-kilometre loop through the park covers the top sites accessible ... Read more about A day in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park .

Botanic Garden & Thac Gio Waterfall

The Botanic Garden is a recommended stop on a gorgeous scenic drive through Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, as it’s a great way to experience the park’s natural beauty on your own. Two well-marked (and rubbis- free!) trails lead through the forest and one of the highlights is modestly sized but picture-perfect Thac Gio Waterfall. You can ask for an English-language map and you’ll be ... Read more about Botanic Garden & Thac Gio Waterfall .

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