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Buried on the beach, Qui Nhon

On the beach, just south of the Lan Anh Hotel, is one of the very few pieces of war detritus in all of Vietnam that is actually still left in place. A tank, abandoned by fleeing South Vietnamese forces towards the end of the war, was left on the beach and has worked it's way so deep into the sand, not even the most eager scrap collector has bothered to work it out. You can still see the top of ... Read more about The Old Tank .

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One can hardly fail to notice the huge statue of Vietnamese hero Tran Hung Dao on the edge of a peninsula jutting out into the bay to the north as you look out to sea from Qui Nhon beach. It's meant to be viewed from a distance, not visited, but the curious will still want to get up close. It makes for a good, brief excursion. You can't get to the statue by land -- the Phuong Mai Peninsula is ... Read more about Phoung Mai Peninsula .

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Nguyen Hue, Qui Nhon

There's a small museum in Qui Nhon, just south of the Saigon-Quynhon Hotel on Nguyen Hue, near the intersection with Le Loi. Museum-going in Vietnam is pretty hit or miss outside Hanoi or Saigon, but we found this one worth a look. To the right as you enter is a gallery dedicated to the local Communist Party's struggle during the war with American. Some of the objects on display are humorously ... Read more about The Binh Dinh Museum .

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Centre of town, Qui Nhon

The town's main pagoda is easily accessible and worth a visit. There's a 17 metre tall Buddha here, and a pagoda with some interesting statuary. There's a giant brass drum, a huge bell, and a statue of a 'thousand handed, thousand-eyed goddess of mercy' on display as well. The neighbourhood is also known for it's food -- a good selection of vegetarian restaurants, and some stand-out 'com' joints ... Read more about Long Khanh and Tam An Pagoda .

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A few km out of town, Qui Nhon

There are about fourteen, variously crumbling, Cham towers still standing upright in Binh Dinh province -- the only thing that makes Thap Doi (twin towers) different is that they are easy to visit from the city centre. They're good examples of the Cham architectural style, if you haven't seen it before, and the grounds are well-tended with a pretty garden. To get here, head west on Tran Hung ... Read more about Thap Doi .

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These two spots make sense to visit together. As you go down An Duong Vuong St south, just past the HAGL Resort, there's a sharp left turn marked by a gate. Admission to the Queen's Beach area is 5,000 dong, 2,000 more for a motorbike. There's a short climb up a paved road to the top of the headland, where sits the tomb of a famous Vietnamese writer, Han Mac Tu. You can stop for a visit, but it's ... Read more about Queen's Beach (Han Mac Tu Tomb), and Qui Hoa Beach, Leprosy Hospital .

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20km from Qui Nhon

If you've got your own transport, or you can convince a guide to take you to this seldom- visited spot, Nhon Hai village offers and unique and worthwhile day-trip. It's a fishing village that up until two years ago was only accessible by boat. It's a bit like Hinh Mai, the fishing port at the base of the Tran Hung Dao monument, but much, much more isolated. Nhon Hai is a village without any ... Read more about Nhon Hai Village .

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Around 20km from Qui Nhon

Banh It was the highlight of what we found in the area. A series of four elegant Cham towers on a high hill just outside Binh Dinh. Very easy to visit en-route or with a guide from Qui Nhon. The four towers are what remains of a larger group -- the main tower is 22 metres high, and it looks like a bit of restoration work might have been done on it. All the towers have become home to a wide ... Read more about Thap Banh It .

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North of Binh Dinh

Once you pass Binh Dinh going north, Highway 1A is no fun at all. If you've got time for it in your schedule, we highly recommend taking a right pretty much anywhere. There are miles of wonderful country side, and as you get closer to the sea, you'll notice red and white cement posts with numbers on them lining the roads. Flooding is so frequent here, the posts mark how high the water is in ... Read more about The Flood Plains .

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48km from Qui Nhon

The Tran Hung Dao Museum is 48 km from Qui Nhon, just off Highway 19 which heads towards Pleiku. We can only recommend a visit if you happen to be passing by. And even then... The museum is on a well-tended set of grounds -- you'll be greeted by a larger-than-life statue of the man himself. The museum is directly behind him, but you'll find a paucity of electrifying information about what ... Read more about The Tran Hung Dao Museum .

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Around 30km from Qui Nhon

This site derives its historical value from having been the seat of the Cham government from about 1000 to 1471 A.D. After a bloody battle, it was taken over and used by the ethnic Vietnamese from then on, though factions fought over it for control of the empire toward the end of the 18th century, until 1801, when Tran Hung Dao became emperor. There's a lot of interesting history behind the ... Read more about Hoang De (Cha Ban) .

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