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How to get to Kirirom

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From Phnom Penh, you need to catch a bus that is heading to Koh Kong, Kampot/Kep, or Sihanoukville, and hop off at Treng Trayeng. You’ll have to pay full price, even though the journey should only take just over two hours, depending on the traffic around Phnom Penh Airport. It may take up to three.

From Treng Trayeng, you can catch a moto to Chambok or up the mountain for $7. There are plenty of drivers hanging around at the roadside opposite the junction for Kirirom — the only major junction in the town.

If you’re going to Kirirom Mountain Lodge, or vKirirom Pine Resort, there is an additional $5 fee to enter the park.

The moto journey should take just over half an hour, and you’ll likely need sunscreen as it’s almost all exposed.

There are so many buses to choose from, that there is virtually no point in listing them here.


A taxi from Phnom Penh should cost around $70, and if you’re taking one from Treng Trayeng, then it should cost about $30.

You can get a shared taxi for a few dollars — we couldn’t get anyone to be more specific — but you will have to wait until it’s full, and this is likely to take quite a while.