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Regular buses run between Koh Kong and Phnom Penh, with Virak Buntham, Olympic and Paramount Angkor offering daily services. Each company has its own problems with reliability, and we recommend keeping an eye on your belongings. The new road, National Route 48, is in better condition than most roads in Cambodia. National Route 4 connects Koh Kong with Sihanoukville, and from there on to Kampot and Kep. Most bus companies drop off at the bus station to the north of town. A moto into town shouldn’t cost more than $1.

Unlike Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, there are few travel agents dotted around the place. Your hotel or guesthouse should be able to reserve your tickets for you or, failing that, you could head to Ritthy’s Koh Kong Ecoadventure Tours half-way along the riverside. Ritthy can organise everything for you.

As of January 2016, Virak Buntham buses to Koh Kong leave Phnom Penh at 07:45 and 12:30. It takes six hours and costs $10. They also have minivans that leave at 07:30 and 13:00, which should take about five hours, and cost $13.

Virak Buntham buses to Phnom Penh leave at 07:30, 07:45 and 13:00, while buses to and from Sihanoukville leave at 08:00, take about 4.5 hours and cost $8.

Their office and departure point is on the corner of Street 3 and Street 7; T: (016) 559 481, (097) 559 481.

Olympic buses leave Phnom Penh at 07:45 and 11:45. They take six hours and cost $8. Olympic also runs a mini-van service which leaves at 09:00 and should take about five hours, costing $10.

Buses for Phnom Penh leave at 07:30 and 11:30.

Their office is on Street 3 just off the roundabout connecting Street 3 with Chicken Farm Road; T: (011) 363 678, (081) 308 014, (012) 308 014.

Paramount Angkor buses from Phnom Penh leave at 07:00, 09:00, 11:00 and 13:00. They take six hours and cost $8. Buses for Phnom Penh leave at 07:30 and 14:00, from the public bus station (Rith Mony office). Moto and tuk tuk drivers all know where it is. T: (015) 404 085

Sorya Transport’s website says that they run a service to Koh Kong, but it has been suspended.

A taxi between Koh Kong and Phnom Penh will cost about $75.

To Koh S’Dach and Koh Totang
Among a small archipelago of islands off the coast of Cambodia, Koh S’dach and Koh Totang both have accommodation and a chance to retreat from the world in relatively undiscovered peace and quiet.

To get there, you can either hop on to a bus for Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville and hop off at the Sok Srei Cafe about six kilometres before Andoung Teuk. From there, you catch a local minibus ($7.50) to Poi Yipon, from where there are regular boats leaving all day (during daylight hours) to the islands.

Alternatively, a taxi to Poi Yipon will cost about $55. There is a share taxi that leaves daily at about 11:30 and costs $10 per person. Call (097) 754 5765 for details.