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Nomads Land is very quick to access if you're prepared to fork out for a taxi, otherwise it's a bit time consuming. The best way to get there is by road. A taxi to/from Phnom Penh costs $90 one-way (4-5 hours), Sihanoukville $80 (2-3 hours), Koh Kong border $60 (2-3 hours).

Using public transport you need to leave from either Koh Kong, Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh early in the morning in order to be able to meet the local mini-van in time that goes to the village of Poi Yopon on the mainland, which acts as the pick-up point for Nomads Land's boat transfer to Koh Totang.

Take the first bus from whichever your start point is around 06:00 to 08:00 (check with your guesthouse) -- from Koh Kong this will be in the direction of Sihanoukville, from Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville this will be in the direction of Koh Kong. If coming from Sihanoukville it is recommended you go to the bus station the day before departure to check the timings and get your ticket. Alight at Cafe Sok Srei. From Koh Kong this takes around two hours and is six kilometres before the town of Andoung Tuek; from Phnom Penh this is around three hours from the capital and six kilometres after the town of Andoung Tuek.

Nomads Land will provide the number for Cafe Sok Srei so you can ask your driver to call if they're unsure where you need to get off. At Cafe Sok Srei they will arrange a seat for you on one of the local minibuses ($7.50 per person) to Poi Yopon, a local fishing village on the mainland that faces out to the Koh S'dach Archipelago, which takes around an hour to reach along the newly built road.

Nomads Land will pick you up from Poi Yopon -- you will see a pier and a car park with minivans -- to transfer you to the island, which takes 15 minutes.

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It is possible to travel to Koh Totang by boat from Sihanoukville, though thanks to the new road to Poi Yopon there's no real need now to take this slower, more infrequent option. The local fishing boat leaves Sihanoukville every other day at around 12:30, taking six hours to get to Koh S'Dach, where Nomads Land can then pick you up by their own boat in the evening.

Leaving by boat is more of a drag. Getting back to Koh S'Dach is a quick 15 minutes, but the boat to Sihanoukville makes it more hassle than it's worth. There's one that leaves daily at around 20:00, but it gets into Sihanoukville around 02:00 and not in a touristy area, only on a small pier -- so there are no motos/onward transport options. Avoid this.

The second option is the night cargo boat that leaves Koh S'Dach every other day. This is only for the truly adventurous types with plenty of time on their hands. It leaves anytime between 21:00 and 04:00 from Koh S'Dach so you have to simply sit around and wait for hours, then take the boat overnight (no views). It's not designed for people transport, though it can be done. Still, coming by road makes the most sense.

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