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How to get to and from Koh Russei

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At the time of writing, Bar Ru Guesthouse is the only service with daily direct ferries to and from Ko Russei. It costs $10 round trip, and includes a meal and bottle of water. There's no obligation to stay at Ko Ru Resort when using this service.

Coasters Guesthouse runs occasional direct ferries to Russei. Price varies depending on the number of passengers, and they're affiliated with Bamboo Island Resort.

The Three Island tour operators all offer essentially the same tour, to the same three islands (Ko Ta Kiev, Ko Chraloh, and Ko Russei). All offer meals and water, and may or may not have sufficient life jackets, shade, and snorkeling gear for every passenger. These companies will take passengers to Bamboo Island Resort for $19 round trip. The price supposedly includes accommodation, though there have been reports of travellers having to pay for a bungalow upon arrival.

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