Photo: Sleepy beach on Koh Thmei.

How to get to and from Koh Thmei

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Getting to Koh Thmei is part of the fun. Ask your bus driver to stop at Ou Chamnar (Bat Kokir) -- it's 1.5 kilometres before the toll booths if coming from Phnom Penh, 1.5 kilometres after if coming from Sihanoukville. You will see a red government building, a 'bus station' and a blue sign (albeit small) saying 'Koh Thmei Resort'. From there, hire a moto to take you to Koh Kchhang fishing village down the six-kilometre bumpy dirt road. Alternatively, get a taxi to take you all the way from Sihanoukville ($25 from town, $28 from Otres Beach) or Phnom Penh if you're feeling flush. The resort can help arrange a taxi from Sihanoukville. Once you get to the village, you'll see a painted turn right sign at a junction. The pier is about half a kilometre down, also marked with handpainted signs. The boats all have 'Koh Thmei Resort' painted on so you'll know easily if you've made it to the right one.

If you have a car or motorbike, parking can be arranged at the village. For a bike, this means the boatman arranging storage in someone's house; be sure to come equipped with padlock and chain.

Call Koh Thmei Resort in advance to arrange the boat transfer -- there's no fixed schedule and they have two boats so have flexibility. It's a beautiful trip of just under an hour, taking you through mangroves and along the island's shore, with Bokor Mountain and Phu Quoc in the distance. In bad weather conditions, expect to get wet so be prepared.

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