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How to get to Amlapura

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Buses for Batubulan (for Denpasar and south), Singaraja via Tulamben and Amed depart from the terminal between Jalan Nenas and Jalan Suropati.

Buses to Batubulan depart approximately every 10 minutes between 06:00-13:15 for 25,000 rupiah (2 hours). Look for these bus companies: Arjuna; Sri Krisna; Maraton; Mulia Jaya; Putra Luhur; and Nusa Indah.

Buses to Singaraja depart around every 15-30 minutes between 07:00-12:45 for 50,000 rupiah (3 hours). Look for these bus companies: Putra Jaya; Adi Jaya; Putra Luhur.

Perama shuttle buses leave from the carpark at Tirta Gangga to Amed and Tulamben at 10:15 for 75,000 rupiah (30 minutes/1 hour). Buses for southern destinations depart at 12:15.
Candi Dasa and Padang Bai: 75,000 rupiah (30 minutes/1 hour)
Ubud, Sanur, Kuta: 150,000 rupiah (2 hours/2 hours/3 hours). You must book one day before, and some routes may have minimum passenger numbers.

Perama: Jalan Raya Candi Dasa, Candi Dasa; T: (0363) 41114; (0363) 41115;


Bemos depart from the terminal on Jalan Kesatriaan opposite the Amlapura Market. Routes are well signposted for the final destination, but there is no information as to the towns they pass through, which may be your destination — you’ll need to check. Local fares are quoted, but most likely you’ll have to bargain, and the drivers will offer to charter you — for a much higher price, of course. Times are approximate and depend on how many stops they make, traffic and ceremonies they may encounter. As with everywhere in Bali, bemos are more frequent in the morning, and they don’t depart until they are full.

Orange bemos under the ‘Dalam Kota’ sign are for destinations around town, including the bus terminal for onward journeys to Batubulan (for Denpasar and south) and Singaraja via Tulamben and Amed.

Orange (and sometimes red) bemos go to Padang Bai, via Jasri and Candi Dasa.
Jasri — 5,000 rupiah (15 mins); Candi Dasa — 8,000 rupiah (30 mins); Padang Bai — 30,000 rupiah (1 hour).

Red bemos marked Culik go via Tirta Gangga and the turnoff to Amed. Red bemos (sometimes blue) maked Abang will drop you near Pura Lempuyang.
Tirta Gangga —10,000 (20 mins); Amed — 40,000 rupiah (2 hours); Pura Lempuyang — 10,000 rupiah (30 mins).

For Pura Besakih take a green bemo marked Bebandem (or just Bandam). At Bebandem change for Selat and Pura Besakih. Some green bemos are marked Selat - Besakih and go all the way to Pura Besakih, but they are less frequent.
Pura Besakih — 10,000 rupiah (1.5 hours).