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Buses depart from the bus terminal directly to the east of the ferry port for all major transport hubs in Bali. Minimum and maximum fares are set by the government and are as follows for the following routes:

Gilimanuk—Negara—Tabanan—Ubang (Denpasar): 24,000 to 35,500 rupiah
Gilimanuk—Mengwi—Denpasar—Padang Bai: 41,000 to 61,000 rupiah
Gilimanuk—Pulaki—Singaraja (via Pemuteranand Lovina): 23,500 to 35,000 rupiah
Gilimanuk—Singaraja—Kubu—Amlapura: 40,500 to 60,500 rupiah


Ferries depart around the clock from Gilimanuk to Ketapang (Banyuwangi) in Java, leaving approximately every 20 minutes. Tickets cost 6,000 rupiah for adults, 4,000 rupiah for children; 7,000 rupiah for bicycles; 22,000 rupiah for motorbikes under 500cc; 34,000 rupiah for motorbikes over 500cc; 138,000 rupiah for cars. Passengers are required to fill in a “passenger transportation form” with your name, gender, age, address and passport number when purchasing a ticket. If you are on foot, the process is relatively quick. If you are travelling with a vehicle, you may have to wait, sometimes for very long periods. Toilets are available in the terminal and onboard the ferries. Life jackets are stored onboard, but check to ensure the cupboards are not locked. Some ferries include a snack bar, and some have hawkers peddling their wares. A few offer inexpensive foot massages, which can be rather pleasant way to pass the short journey.

The trip takes about 45 minutes to an hour and the ferries often have to wait in a queue for the dock to clear of the departing ferry which can add extra time to the journey. In Java it’s a short walk five-minute walk to the train station from the ferry terminal.